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i would watch as they air, because i know that if i wait until the series ends i will not bw able to control myself and will stay up late to finish them in one night

some instances also block pleroma instances that use soapbox fe. their reason is because the dev is terf so users must also be terf

i’m on mobile and see the svg just fine

Why, they are literally the antithesis of anarchy. I also don’t understand why any communist like Russia: it’s what comes after USSR loss to capitalism

As for cross platform, there are Element and FluffyChat. There is also nheko I can recommend for desktop and cinny on web. Here is a comparison between different clients fyi.

If you don’t insist on matrix, Snikket might be a good option too.

Installing an OS is hard. That’s why most people don’t do that

Do you know any public instance? (I suppose this should be self-hosted, though)

The word means “late” in French and also has some meaning in physics. That being said, I have encountered neither context tho.