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Wintermute is a distinct entity from the physical mainframe; its mind is only a part of another "potential entity", an aspect of its brain.

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Definitely the 8-bit era. Everything was new and exciting.

This is my first try, I’m trying to keep the dough alive for future use ^^

from scratch, starting with just whole grain rye flour & water

Thank you for organizing the event!

If there will be a follow-up tournament, I’d be happy helping to set it up! ♘

It would be nice to be able to prune all unused images

I definitely prefer to have stores, restaurants, public and medical services etc. in walking distance.

Wintermute (DeepNo0b) vs Liwott Liwott resigned at move 46

Definately, from an ethical point if view.

I agree with Singer and Ryder, that speciesism is a form oft racism.

What's your favorite federated instance?
I asked this question on some time ago, but like to get to know what you think over here : )

Valetudo - Free your vacuum from the cloud
Crossgeposted von: > Valetudo is the de-facto-standard open-source software solution for cloud-free vacuum robots empowering thousands of users. > Since it was started in 2018, it has matured to a reliable fire-and-forget solution that just works.

📢 Lemmymap - 30k Lemmies!
Crossgeposted from: Today, for the first time, more than 30,000 Lemmies were recorded by the crawler in the Lemmy network!\ To celebrate, there is a small Lemmymap update with additional filter options :)

Lemmymap - Update!
Crossposted from: general - Display of instance age - Display number of linked (lemmy-) instances - Minor optimizations - (New) Lemmymap stats crawler instance info - Display post/comment/communities count - Status icons (for green hosting, server location, registration form, downvoting, ...)

Lemmymap Update!
crossposted from: The lemmymap got a small update. Based on data from the GreenFediverse instance list, it is now possible to display which lemmy instances are powered by renewable energy. > [What is the GreenFediverse?](