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Never claimed that the Chinese are that far behind but they just don’t have the same production capabilities as Taiwan or Korea. That might change in a few years tho.

And I guess losing access to modern production facilities in Taiwan ain’t no biggie for the Russians as they plan to produce their own 28nm chips by 2030 (28nm was introduced in 2011 btw) so maybe I’ll game on a Russian CPU by 2055 lol.

First, producing silicone monocrystals does not equal the ability to produce modern chips. The only somewhat significant semiconductor producer from Russia, Mikron Group, announced in 2020 that they would start using the 65nm process, a process that has been available since 2005.

So the biggest domestic manufacturer is 15-20 years behind the West and mainland Chinese manufacturers have a global market share of 8% compared to Taiwan’s 66% (and American lap dog Korea with 17%).

Sorry to break it to you buddy but its not looking good for the Russians

Climate Change News reports that both the Ugandan and Cameroon delegations were displeased with how Chinese minister of ecology and environment Huang Runqiu, who chaired the conference, brought down the gavel and declared the agreement approved despite what was a clear objection from the DRC.


Oof indeed, my friend. Here is my favorite quote:

“It’s funny that people are so afraid of being accused of Nazism,” when they’re just improving their own embryos, Simone added, after noting that her Jewish grandmother escaped Nazi-occupied France. “I’m not eliminating people. I mean, I’m eliminating from my own genetic pool, but these are all only Malcolm and me.”

These people need to be [redacted]

very misleading headline. some clothing items they received have an “SS” size label instead of “S” for small. not really anything interesting.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion. Well that’s too bad because manually blocking tens of subs becomes very annoying very fast the way it is currently implemented

I was a big speculative evolution nerd as a teen. I can wholeheartedly recommend C. M. Kosemen’s Snaiad project if you are interested in these kind of art/biology projects

Those are the sides of Apple’s current flagship, Macbook Pro. It is pretty terrible.

Ideally: Topple your government and become a based degrowth socialist society that also invest into adaptation

More realistically: Learn, exercise and grow your network of likeminded family and friends so you have a community to fall back on if times get tough.

Edit: Also this

Looks very interesting but I don’t fully understand the concept of pattern languages yet. Seems like a concept coming out of architecture and urban planning.

I won’t support vietnamese slander. they make the sickest soups

Thanks for the review. Have it on my shelf but haven’t read it yet, will probably do so this winter.

Ok bud, please substantiate your extraordinary claims with some peer reviewed studies in known journals. Otherwise I’ll have to delete your comments

Very clearly inspired by Malm’s stories in “How to blow up a pipeline”. You love to see it.

![light design]( ![dark design]( EDIT: SVG files linked below: [dark sticker]( [light sticker](