Estudante de Engenharia Informática apaixonado pela área; algures em Portugal.

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Computer Science student, passionate about the field; somewhere in Portugal. instance administrator.

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Wonderful to see good movements forward in the spec!

Curious to know why you picked for those subdomains instead of the “project official” :)

Kinda late to this, but yeah I use one very simple and undistracting background I found on dark hexes

It is a way to make some income out of an open-source project. If you want the convenience of their managed server, then you have to pay to access limitless orgs (the way to share secrets), otherwise you’re limited to just a 2-person org. The family pack is quite accessible imo, at $40/y for a 6-person org.
Your other solution is, like I mentioned before, host your own server. vaultwarden supports orgs, like you can see in their feature list:

BitWarden is really great and a good example of a successful FLOSS project. I get the overall “companies just want to screw you up”, but one must not get completely blinded by it ;)

BitWarden,¹ it just works really really well everywhere. The app is pretty much the same on every platform (which is a good thing imo) and you also have a CLI in case you prefer (may also be useful in some sort of backup script, I suppose). I personally use the cloud service they provide, but you could very easily and cheaply get a vaultwarden² server up and running and be the total master of your passwords, using a $2.5/m VPS or something like that.


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Edit: also, the premium Bitwarden plan doesn’t mean that at all, imo. The plan can be very useful if you really need those features (sidenote: I advise ever using the TOTP thing, that’s just putting all your eggs into one basket and defeating the purpose of 2FA), it’s very cheap ($10/y iirc) and you can always export all your data with the CLI, setup a server and import that data.

Yeah. In the announcement article they also linked a Mozilla donation page just for K9

Yeah, onboarding is definitely a big problem with PeerTube and many other fediverse software.

You have PeerTube, which is the server and client software that allows you to upload, manage and view vídeos, à la YouTube, but whereas “traditional” platforms have just one big instance, the Fediverse platforms have multiple smaller instances that interconnect. You have your generic instances, but you also have more focused ones (specific topics like art, tech, or even for generic content related to a specific country/language). Unfortunately, the PeerTube network isn’t very rich and diverse yet, so restricting your search to very specific things may lead you no instances at all.

Hope this info helps! :3

PeerTube is recommended a lot in open-source circles. It is a video streaming platform that supports peer-to-peer distribution of content and is part of the (APub) Fediverse. The experience is very hit-or-miss though, and highly depends on which instance you pick. Running it yourself is not as trivial as running, say, Lemmy, so it’s not for everybody.

This is really cool to see, great news!
K-9 is a fantastic app already, and with the funding and engineering power from the Thunderbird team, I’m sure it will become the very best email client for Android.

Couldn’t agree more. The whole tone of this piece is rather depreciative, and the author steps over multiple key points. Not a good post, imo.


P2P on Matrix is far from being a basic feature imo

Great answer. Context, tonality and people’s mood/feelings vary wildly and are fundamental aspects of how someone will take such a thing.
Your last point is key - when unsure (e.g. not talking to a close friend), choose the most polite words.

That’s very nice of you, thanks! :3

ahah, thanks! I’m curious why you picked me though, I barely post, mainly just read/lurk 🙃

"Tabacaria"1 by Álvaro de Campos (a Fernando Pessoa heteronym). Here’s an English translation.

It’s regarded by many as one of the best poems by him, and it is also a favourite of mine. The original version conveys so much in a brilliant flow of words, which, unfortunately, gets a somewhat lost with translations.

1 From the “official” archive.

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That isn’t true. BitWarden is a very good password manager. Great apps on all platforms (even terminal) with perfect sync.

I’d you don’t trust the main server, then you can run the official server, or the lighter and community recommended vaultwarden server. It’s tiny, easy to deploy and effective.

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Was completely unaware of this, it’s pretty cool!

I just tried it and it’s still a bit wack, but it’s also still just a beta.

Dunno, but you can take a look at and sort by the metric you find most relevant

Exactly. If it isn’t related I don’t think it makes any sense.

That’s a lot of improvements!
Thank you a lot and congratulations on yet another great release! Will be updating my instance very soon ;)

Thanks for making these themes! <3

This is a really nice update! All these improvements to the API will improve the plugin ecosystem quite a bit

That sounds about it yeah, now that I think of it. I can only reply to issues by getting an email notification, which requires an account.

Would be nice if you’d elaborate in those reasons ;)

I believe you can email an issue, but I’m not sure, may be mixing it with GitLab.

Nice update, good work!

Take a look at the wonderful borg utility and its many wrappers/extensions, maybe one can be of use to you :)

That’s very good already! Now that bans federate properly, things are a bit easier. I recommend you put a big notice letting people know of the report feature, so that you quickly get notified of abuses. You should also join the “Lemmy Instance Admin Chat” room (listed on the space I believe) to share info with other admins :D

Good luck with your instance and thank you for adding another node to the network!

Yea please. Having that filter will also help you get into other instances’ allowlists ;) lemme know if you enable it so I can add you to my allowlist

Yeah, without a doubt. Domain names are a key aspect of any instance, and their “quality” greatly influences the retention rate. At least that’s what I’ve always felt on the Fediverse. Instances with great domain names are more likely to get used than the others.

Didn’t know about that, thank you! But yeah, there’s definitely some room for improvement

I fully agree. This has been one of my pain points with the UI, not being a user of (the de facto instance). Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to formulate a report and suggestion on this, but it would likely be better to just kickstart the discussion already.

I started making remmy but had to stop because lemmy refactoring, but mostly cus of exams :/
Will resume working on it once I’m freer, but patches are always welcome ;)

Vim and neovim have mouse support as well. Micro has less plugins and is overall less configurable than (neo)vim. The style sure is different, but in terms of features, vim outclasses micro atm.

Lemmy Portugal 🇵🇹 - A new public instance dedicated to Portugal and the Portuguese Language
Hallo! Making this announcement post here to let more people know that the instance is now opened! I had held back from making this post due to not having written some rules yet, but now that's in place. They still need some touch ups, and a more extensive Code of Conduct document has yet to be written, however, I'd like to get more people on board to get more feedback. So, what is this instance about? Anything related to Portugal, Portuguese, or any related community. We have some communities already set up, but anyone is free to create their own space :D Naturally, posts should be in Portuguese, and on-topic, but English posts are also welcome if they come from people wanting to learn about the community, culture, language and so on. I hope to help the Lemmy network by adding this new instance :3 Cheers!