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cross-posted from: https://community.nicfab.it/post/13377 > In 2015, Leicestershire Police scanned the faces of 90,000 individuals at a music festival in the UK and checked these images against a database of people suspected of crimes across Europe. This was the first known deployment of Live Facial Recognition (LFR) at an outdoor public event in the UK. In the years since, the surveillance technology has been [frequently used](https://bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/campaigns/stop-facial-recognition/) throughout the country with little government oversight and no electoral mandate.

You can go to a library and look for book series with many books ;) Then just try the first one and if you like it you have many like it to read.

someone lately has been downvoting most leftist posts… Probably someone from the rightwing lemmy servers or something. It’s fine, it’s a sign of success!

Also, as far as I know Firefox has no GPU acceleration support.

I am pretty sure it does!

Unfortunately, with how much they’re dropping the ball, their browser won’t be good for long.

I hope it will last, this trajectory has been going for long but the browsing experience hasn’t been affected yet!

I never understood why their management just gave up. They haven’t made the best marketing and community decisions, the browser is reallllly good though.

Thanks I’ll try it out! I have been struggling with paywalls…

where else to post all the entertaining stuff?

why would you really need it? What’s wrong with making a new account?

would be good for the environment I guess

also I guess people won’t need multiple accounts if they follow many from one, so maybe it’s not so bad?

yes I agree!

Could be high traffic for servers though if people follow all different kinds of accounts all over AP.

For other services… Idk, prob would be better to focus on empowering lemmy first

maybe sunbeam.city and slrpnk.net can shout each other out, so interested people can figure out if they like the other better.

So you can follow peertube channels from here?