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Definitely prevalent among the petty bourgeoisie, to which I counter that they can restructure the business as a worker co-op so all employees are owners, and therefore exempt from minimum wage laws

Working class yes, but unlike proletariat who sell labor power for wages and are variable capital, slaves are do not sell their labor power for wages and they are constant capital

Lots of Western media isn’t blocked, CNN isn’t blocked

What was blocked recently was BBC in response to CGTN getting blocked first in the UK

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were blocked because they refused to take down terrorist recruitment pages and accounts. Remember 2011 ISIS Twitter? Like that. Those services were available before

Additionally, the idea of Internet sovereignty is important to a healthy Web industry in any country. Without the firewall, companies like WeChat and Douyin/TikTok could not have developed

Furthermore, getting around the firewall is trivially easy. OpenVPN on port 443 does the trick, I’ve set one up for a friend before. Anyone who wants to get a VPN account and browse the wider Internet is freely able to, and many do this

Finally, censorship has a purpose, and that’s public safety first and foremost. China doesn’t have large conspiracy cults like QAnon or antivaxxers, because rumor-mongering gets reported and dealt with seriously. It’s like shouting “fire” in a crowded theater, stopping it is censorship but also perfectly legal. They don’t have graveyards full of children or measles, mumps, or rubella making a comeback because of this

I’m glad that Tom Toles was actually being critical of billionaires complaining about public criticism, and whichever editor chose the headline needs to get smacked a few times

Well you likely won’t be disturbed in the DMZ until you step on a landmine

Advertising departments used to be literally called propaganda departments

They’re a role in-between software developers who write the core part of the code of an application and system administrators who maintain the servers that the application runs on. They write the part that allows the application to be deployed consistently

I’m a devops guy, kids don’t need to learn how to code, they need way more in the humanities than STEM