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Great update again. I’m most excited about the embedded videos!

Will these language tags eventually be extended for custom tags (ala Reddit flairs)?

TIL they are not the same 😅

No surprise. Russia has been fighting an info and cyber war against the west for many years and tries to divide and destabilize Germany by funding far-right parties, amongst other.

I’ve quite enjoyed Kagi but I kinda doubt they’ll be around for long.

Perhaps. In a blog post they shared they would currently cover their technical expenses with their income but not the wages, which is a shame in my opinion. A clear business model that does not rely on ads and tracking makes me feel better using it.

There is currently no way to block whole instances as a user and it seems like this feature will not come anytime soon. So it’s either self hosting for full control or choose an instance that blocks the unwanted instances. Alternatively you could just block the communities of unwanted instances.

There has been an article that deals better and less click-baity with that claim. Spoiler: there is not much evidence that Apple performs CP detection.


Ouch, the antisemitism in the comments feels like a gut punch.

::: Spoiler antisemitic content from the comments


Matrix uses the Double Ratchet Algorithm (“Signal protocol”) too, so do WhatsApp and Conversations ;)

I wonder why they stick to their own crypto protocol instead of the state-of-the-art Signal protocol.

I hope this is the right community for this ^^

Zahnärzte gegen das große Geld
> Immer mehr kleine und große Finanzinvestoren kaufen Praxen und Versorgungszentren auf [...] > Solche IMVZ sorgen gemäß einer bislang unveröffentlichten Studie der Kassenzahnärztlichen Bundesvereinigung zu Über- und Fehlversorgung, erhöhen den ökonomischen Druck gerade auf junge Ärzte und vernachlässigen den ländlichen Raum, da dieser wirtschaftlich uninteressant ist. Auch Patienten mit besonderen Bedürfnissen, etwa Pflegebedürftige oder Behinderte, werden ungern gesehen.

What is your opinion on RethinkDNS?
At a first glance the [android app](https://www.f-droid.org/en/packages/com.celzero.bravedns/) seems to support many features of NetGuard and InviZible Pro (albeit not all yet?). What's your opinion on it (possibly as an alternative to the former)?