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Navalny is the guy who said that all muslims are cockroaches and should be exterminated. Why are you posting white supremacists here?

Ya it works very well. I’m surprised there aren’t more people doing this and creating torrents for them. We need to get the entire amazon library on torrents 🤣

This is really sad. RARBG was one of the top 3 torrent sites, we’re down to just a few now.

Thanks, I’m going down a rabbit hole with this channel rn. The gender reveal party one is wild.


Indiana Jones rule

Source on that?

BTW here’s the state of western surveillance:

In a hidden, 2nd level of firmware ;) . Open source firmware is nice, but there aren’t many companies who put it out in the open, and not many people with the level of technical expertise required of low-level hardware engineers to create it.

So many privacy-focused tech-people have focused on software only, because its at least somewhere that they can make a positive contribution, but in all likelihood, something we can’t mess with, the hardware, has backdoors and spying. Everything from CPUs, radios, and even hard drives likely have backdoors.

There’s pretty much no way around that until we get competing non-western-owned hardware industries, which rn, only china and india are attempting.

These lab meats are completely unecessary. Vegan replacements for meat using cheap, ordinary grocery-store ingredients, have come a long way in the past few years, mainly due to the wizard-like powers of vegan chefs for experimentation and reverse-engineering. Look up any “X replacement” recipe on youtube, try it, and you’ll see how pointless “lab-grown meat” is.

You might be waiting a while, considering the life expectancy of any historical anarchist attempt is usually less long than it takes for someone to get through highschool.

I think the Dune part 2 is coming out this year. Does anyone know of other non-comic book related movies they’re excited about?

Why did NATO bomb and murder civilians, and stir ethnic tensions in Yugoslavia to break it up?

Definitely, Israel is responsible for stuxnet (although the US cyber command helped out too).

Neutrality? Which side was Finland on in WW2? Any idea what the baltic countries did to all their Jewish populations in the 1930s? And what the ruling banderites in Ukraine did in the same period?

In her team slack chat: “Sorry everyone I’ll be away for a few minutes, my brother is flatlining and I have to go get a nurse. Go team!”

Yep. My mind was blown when I read a book from the 1920s (I think it was a Jack London one), and rail took the main character from NYC to San Francisco in like 3 days. US coast-to-coast travel in < week was pretty standard 100 years ago.

It begins. Not too long a step until they start charging app developers and various clients for usage. If the goal is to funnel people to using only their official apps, like twitter, fb, and instagram do, they need to start this as a first step.


It costs like $20 I think, but completely worth it. It connects to your audible account, syncs the books locally, then rips out the drm and converts them to the open source m4b format.

Then you can and should create torrents for them, so others can seed.

Yep. It even exposes the web ui, only the torrenting is behind your vpn.

Side note: The US just started designating another African country in the same axis of evil category of the dprk, iran, russia, venezuela and bolivia: Eritrea. The US is currently at the sanction and isolate stage.

Just looks like an alternative to google and apple maps made by a few US corporations who haven’t gotten into the map game yet. Pointless considering openstreetmap already exists.

Whoa they still haven’t added encryption? That was a big ask like 2 years ago.

My partner and I use hedgedoc, a collorative markdown editor, to keep a shared grocery list.

I imagine its probably like the desert libertarian wasteland in Mad Max.

Reddit’s not shy about doxxing pirates, so this unfortunately will probably happen.

That’s the line the US is selling, that China and Chinese companies like Huawei are “spying on the world”. As usual it’s the US projecting their own strategies and nefarious behavior on their enemies.

The US’s prism program, the crypto AG revelations, hell the US spying on Angela Merkle’s phone all got revealed more than a decade ago. The US in its imperial arrogance, doesn’t hesitate even to spy on its allies.

Do you have any proof China is doing the same?

I love that he’s not afraid to call out the monroe doctrine, or put the collateral murder video on air whenever US officials take shots at him. The US is running out of friends fast, I couldn’t have imagined this was possible even 10 years ago. Exciting times.