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ETA until we’re online is 3.5 hours, hang tight. <3

This can be done reliably on a non-federated server. But since we’re federated it’s kind of meaningless as copies of these rooms could exist elsewhere. (Unless your in a private room with only other users from your homeserver, this can be enforced on a per-room basis.)

it’s also possible we have degraded performance in the new location 😬

we’ll be experiencing a loss of room history back to 10AM yesterday

external media (not originating from perthchat) will sync back, not actually sure about room events I suspect they will be lost and things will be a bit jank for a while :S

Things finally went boom in a big way, we're attempting to do an emergency recovery of the service to a new location. Sorry for the extended outage, the service should be back up within 6 hours. (hopefully)

Perthchat.org is down!
Routine maintenance at the data-centre we're currently hosted at has gone not so smoothly. :S We are currently trying to restore the service and appreciate your patience and understanding! 😅

As a Selenium user, I agree with this image. :)

I believe that’s irrelevant, it’ll still make it a lot harder to bot Reddit.

Good! there’s way too many bots on Reddit anyway! :)

it’s a remarkable tool imo, a more private and often superior alternative to traditionally invasive search engines.

would recommend giving it a go if you’re on Matrix, we don’t mind people going full bore on it in our dedicated room: https://matrix.to/#/#chatgpt:perthchat.org

thanks for reading :) i hope it’s helpful!

How I secured my digital life with Solokey and U2F authentication.
I wrote up an article about my own journey into using U2F keys for both security and convenience, enjoy!

It’s more just a recollection of my own journey into Hugo, not so much the perfect guide. It assumes you’re already comfortable with development/git for example.

I appreciate the feedback, I’ve added another disclaimer and linked to the Hugo quick start guide.

Hi there, admin here. Perthchat is currently hosted at UCC and deployed using this popular Ansible playbook: https://github.com/spantaleev/matrix-docker-ansible-deploy/

More information about the service can be found at: https://gitlab.com/perthchat.org/legal

what a coincidence, we like dngray!

We try to be a service for the majority, taking sides in politics can drive away a lot of otherwise good users. Here’s a link to our ToS if anyone is curious: https://gitlab.com/perthchat.org/legal/-/blob/main/terms-of-service.md

Big thanks for to the lemmy team for helping us get started easily! <3

Welcome to Perthchat’s Lemmy!
Today we're launching the Perthchat Lemmy instance, an exciting expansion of our service. Lemmy allows you to host your own link aggregator / discussion board, similar to Reddit. Thanks for joining us!