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This is a delusional antivaxer that thinks tens of millions of Chinese citizens hardships are actually just all role playing “to make the virus look bad, when we should all just be ignoring it”

There’s an app for android that does a similar thing called “UntrackMe”

Well there have been sub’s with almost twice that number of rules…but that user is no longer on Lemmy.

Rule of thumb, if its racist, rude or inflammatory its probably impersonator rather than Dessalines.

Link to similar story about former Gazprombank vice president.

I use the plugin for qBittorrent, so the search is just performed from inside the client. It’s the most seamless torrent setup I’ve ever used. You can see the local IP address results in this screenshot are coming from the jacket server.

They could finally come to terms with the expensive plane was bought that became such a hot topic that they don’t fly it, and instead it is used for wedding receptions in the hangar.

They must be really confident they can pass the blame on to a supplier or contractor.

Requesting /c/ubuntu
Current mod of has been inactive for a year.

Then again, if you are on Ubuntu 21.10 or 20.04 LTS an early taste is just a **sudo do-release-upgrade -d** away. The only bug I have experienced is having to log in twice, the first time seems to fail after 3 seconds no matter what.

he means “anyone who’s anyone

Happy Cake Day @southerntofu and @mp3
[]( and []( are also some of the OG's at just one day younger than the founders account! What can I say about them, well not much except that mp3 is a gaming fiend and while southerntofu seems to not post very much, you know it will be a meaningful contribution when they do - certainly no serial shitposter (like me).

I think you should clarify the content and legality of this before just dropping a random link to files on a World News community

Well investing is the traditional low-effort way to get rich…Maybe if this Joe guy can assemble another 4-5 greasy capitalists who are all willing to put in two Lemmy Bux each the LIB might allow them to file as some sort of Corporation?

They may receive some sort of reward every time a new user spends their first lemmy Bux, you know to make sure they stay richer than the new-comers.

Thunderbird will support matrix protocol out-of-the-box in version 102 (due June) and is available in v91 beta now. I just tried it, you go to *preferences*, *edit config*, add a string "*chat.prpls.prpl-matrix.disable*" and set it to false and matrix becomes an available option in the chats part of your account to find my old password.....

It would be a lot of work to curate a list like that and be of dubious accuracy as miners may move their operations to follow cheap electricity that could come from coal-fired power plants. Proof-of-work vs proof-of-stake is probably the main divider.

I don’t vouch for these infos, but some places to start looking

  • 5 coins for the Eco-conscious link
  • What’s the Environmental Impact of Cryptocurrency link
  • are crypto coins harming the environment link

Cat Complex
What's the difference between a cat and a complex sentence? ::: spoiler spoiler A cat has claws at the end of its paws. A complex sentence has a pause at the end of its clause! :::

The furniture store keeps calling me to come back. But all I wanted was one night stand.

Ok ive just switched to jerboa now myself, by default it let’s you view Lemmy from a guest account. So its a bit unintuitive but you have to go to the menu @ top left and add account first.

Happy Cake day @dessalines & @nutomic
Wohoo 3 years thanks for creating lemmy!

This has got to be one of the stupidest trolls we have had in ages.

They have links on the bottom of their web page to Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Flikr…I get that thats where people need the most saving but FFS boost the numbers of the good-guys at least

“Whenever I think of something but can't think of what it was I was thinking of, I can't stop thinking until I think I'm thinking of it again. I think I think too much.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy

What does a groaning lemmy sound like? Enter here and find out!

I wonder if you mean shtick, a word used in Jewish culture originally from the German Stück (similar to spiel also of German origin)

Heres a wikipedia page on it, but loosely its a rant/roleplay/opinion that someone usually has a close affinity to, it is mostly used in a positive way or humorous self-deprecating manner in my experience.

Creeps exist everywhere, but taking advantage of people escaping a conflict zone like this (and like women and children in Afghanistan) deserve triple punishment.

Thanks, that’s difficult to say when one gets worked up, I appreciate it.

No, other than the 5 Permanent members I listed further down this chain, the current 10 members voted in until end of 2022/2023 are

  • Albania
  • Brazil
  • Gabon
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Kenya
  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • United Arab Emirates

Ok, I didnt understand your post properly

There have been numerous attempts to curb growth of Israel but it only takes one blocking vote by a permanent UN member to stop a motion. Those permanent members are China, France, Russia (inherited from USSR), UK, and USA. Since there is a historically close link between USA and Israel, USA blocks actions against Israel. But this itself does not make the organization USA-centric, and it’s unrelated to why Russia was suspended from the group.

No, more like “you are suspended for a while, because of an aggressive military invasion of your neighbor and causing hundreds and hundreds of civilian deaths”

no problem! I think the settings are able to be set uniquely for the appps…at least they are for lemmur

Most batteries are removable for safety, anti-theft, and maintenance purposes. Pick a bike that requires a key to remove battery (they can account for ~40% of the cost of the bike) then take it upstairs/into work to keep it charged.

then change fields for type and sort type now save

He said he believed it and clarely noted it was just his opinion.

Users can select a display name that’s different from their actual username for example “Arthur Besse” is [at]cypherpunks

Additionally since they are not a native pearthchat use you would need to add Lemmy(.ml) to tag the instance of that user.

So should be the format.

Edit:hmm, wonder if its because I’m on lemmur. Try

There is so much fiction in crypto, that it would seem reasonable to have a little crypto in fiction :P

Pretty good read, with some very relevant points thanks.

Financialy cars subsidising public transport seems good, politically its probably riskier.

This is the link where you can subscribe if you are on lemmy[.]ml

1 Lemmy Bux to @TheAnonymouseJoker
For the bold and selfless rewards scheme that showed us that down can be up.

There’s been some horrible troll ones in the (negative) high twenties I think.

It may well be a record for a constructive comment though.

Wonder if it has a low setting, so you can throw up a piece of bread and catch your toast 1.5 seconds later.

Cool, learnt about glycoalkaloid, solanine, and this - Potatoes have been delivered with personalized messages as a novelty. Potato delivery services include Potato Parcel and Mail A Spud.

When your German family learns English friend gave you *Gift* for your birthday! **o_0** (The English word "Poison" translates to "Gift" in German) Does anyone else know of funny language differences like this?

Questions about transactions
does the LIB process partial lemmy bux (maybe limited to 1/4 bux) Does there need to be a response for the transaction to be valid - for example if humanetech never responded or said they were not interested in lemmy bux?

[Employment Opportunity] Artwork for c/puns and c/wordplay
I'm offering 1 lemmy bux for someone to find or make nice icons for two newly created communities I created before I post them on announcements.