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This might surprise you but:

  • USSR = good
  • Western bloc = bad

Also, no, both sides not bad. One side good. One side bad. USSR good.

It’s not a generic drug there:

[…] Insulin is also unique in its market structure: a persistent oligopoly both nationally and globally, in particular with respect to the prices of analog insulins. Only three companies—Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, and Eli Lilly—provide insulin the United States market, despite the existence of several other manufacturers globally.


Can you link one article from Jacobin that is such a scathing criticism that a despotic regime would not allow the publishing of?

The good thing is that we can play one of her bangers while she is facing the wall

You are assuming that people have perfect knowledge of the implications of the decision when Brexit has shown that this is not the case with the general consensus being that it has not gone well for them after having decided on leaving.

How are you comparing two competing settler regimes to China and Taiwan?

Why do people waste their time with silly things like this?


How many bedrooms are there in these apartments?

This has to be some kind of social experiment

At the end of the day people just want a sense of fulfillment. Some people want to find this through appreciation on social media. This is why people who probably won’t get fame or fortune still attempt it.

There are other incentives too. Money is one of them and just as important because people need to feed themselves. Fame on social media can translate to wealth, especially if you open yourself up as a conduit for advertisement. Or you can start a Patreon like service. Or you can sell your bath water.

Anarcho-pacifism is fancy term for nonviolent resistance. It says nothing about someone’s political and economical ideology. Most examples on that page especially the historically prominent ones would not have described themselves as any variety of anarchists.

Gandhi was not a socialist.

And no, Greta is nothing like MLK or Gandhi. Is this bait?

Also this settler-colonialism normalizing post is right below a post that talks about not allying witt fascists.

Damn /r/communism mods are pretty Maoist
The most important thing needs to be said first. I am not well read on Maoist theory and history apart from On Contradiction by Mao (which is not really Maoist). So whatever I say, you may as well completely disregard it. It won't any difference. As everyone here probably knows Chairman Gonzalo died on 11/9/2021. On Reddit at least not many people are mourning. /r/GenZedong's pretty elated about it. I personally don't know enough to take a stance. /r/communism mods are pretty protective of Guzman's legacy. The truth is that every communist figure is heavily slandered in mainstream capitalist canon. Guzman is pretty unique in that he has a bad reputation among communists as well. I have been trying to read/watch/listen about the Sendero Luminoso and there is definitely a lot of questionable aspects to them. One thing I found out about is the massacres they have conducted. The victims here are usually indigenous peasants. An example is the Lucanamarca massacre, which the party has confirmed was a directive from it's central leadership. The thing that makes it the most confusing is that the accusations against the Shining Path are superficially similar to PragerU/Victims of Communism-tier slander against previous communist leaders. For example, it's said that Chairman Gonzalo fostered a cult of personality, using armed indigenous peasants as cannon fodder. I am not yet sure if this was true or not, but going to Maoist blogs and websites and always seeing him being praised as the greatest MLM thinker alive does not instill much confidence. This is just a shallow comment though. For something more substantial I will have to read a bit more. Back to the topic, the mods of the subreddit don't like what they call revisionism. But the refutations that I see are not very convincing. The articles that are linked are not easy to read but I guess they are targeted towards someone who is more enlightened about the broader context. The mods seem very knowledgeable so I expected more. Since revisionism is so prevalent, I expected to find some good refutations. But instead I just find a appreciation for furthering Marxist theory, waging a war that, while it did achieve significant victories, ended up failing. As communists, I expected appreciation of results and material gains but instead the realm of preference seems to be ideological dogmatism. Overall it's very confusing.