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I haven’t tried it but I’m pretty sure the steam client would download the native version over the windows version if available. As for the game assets, I have no idea. I’ll have to give it a try sometime.

I’ll never be happy

apt autoremove and/or expand your boot partition.

This is why doctors should attend school for free but not get paid insane amounts for their work. Most people who go to medical school dont actually give a shit about anyone but themselves and how much money they can make

Hmmm. I’m thinking maybe that phantom movie that was in your jf library was originally not in it’s own movie directory but in the root of your movies folder. It’s maybe possible that jellyfin then deleted the entire root directory of that movie when you hit delete, which would be your root movies folder.

Never heard of this happening before but it’s conceivably possible. Was the entire movie directory deleted or just everything inside it?

Most of the people I know and chat with would choose a device with a physical keyboard if they had the option. Theres plenty of ‘niche’ groups that agree, which probably outnumber the actual Nokia userbase by a lot. When was the last time you have actually seen a Nokia device yourself? Also, have you ever actually used a phone with a physical keyboard?

A variety of third party applications to input text is definitely not an additional attack vector to worry about.

Ive used many in my time Swiftkey was they only one I really ever likedbutMicrosoft’boughtthenm so that’s the end of that. I stick with the stock graphene os keyboard.

I know Nokia isn’t the same company it was when it made good phones but if they’re going to try to start making them again they should really bring back physical keyboards and maybe even something like the communicator device line. Theres a growing demand for physical keyboards on their devices, especially since all the ones with modern specs are basically all the same, just a wafer of glass that is essentially disposable to a lot of people, especially since they can’t even do as much as change the battery without voiding the warranty or paying a shop to do it.

Also they could really bring back a large userbase if they ressurected maemo/meego. Would be interesting to see a partnership with sailfish or maemo-leste, or at least support for mainline Linux.

I typed this on a touchscreen and I loathe every second of it.

How are you supposed to use Netflix on a mobile device if they’ll only let you connect from home?

If you have a piece if media in your jf library and its been deleted from disk, the first thing you should do is run a library scan which should remove any deleted files from your library.

Where exactly did you click ‘remove media’? I can’t find that anywhere, the only thing close to that is ‘delete media’ which will obviously delete the file. If you dont want jellyfin to be able to delete files, you can set your file permissions to disallow write access to groups/all and run jellyfin as a different user than the owner of the file. Just make sure it still has read access to your files.

I can’t quite figure out how it deleted all of your movies in that library. Did you click the remove option in the library page under the dashboard? I dont think that should actually delete your files, just remove the library from jf.

lol rule #2 be respectful to transphobes

Is piracy scene so small nowadays that this kind of bickering between two people is shaking it in its entirety?

apparently. also video game piracy scene seems to attract the worst elements of the gamer scene in general. I never really venture beyond GGN as they pretty much have everything I could ever need and a very good community. Also I just stick with downloading console games, if a AAA release is good enough to play then I’ll pay for it.

cross-posted from: > I would paste the actual content of the post here but it would probably get me banned from the instance, even with the slur filters (cringe). > > Anyway. I didn't know who this cracker was before the mastodon spam post here and I've since done a bit of research. This was a recent post by whoever empress is, apparently they are seething all over reddit and it has spilled in this direction. She also really hates fitgirl, someone we all know and love.

Your comments are nothing but an attempt at a burn with no real reply.


hahah ok i was dumb. i was only setting it in the ‘languages’ list. i didnt realize there were two different values for language. weird. i can now see older comments.

HOWEVER now i cant comment on that mastodon post and get “language not allowed”. what a clusterfuck

yeah. do you have your language preference set in your profile?

says 33 comments on your profile but i can only view two.

yeah apparently mastodon users get accounts when they post? that doesnt seem right.

now that you found the link i tried posting from the browser. it says its posted but i honestly have no idea since comments seem to depend on which frontend you’re using to post/view

also cant see a ton of older comments since i changed my profile language.

Its pretty much the only post with 100+ upvotes

Oh apparently its a mastodon post. The link didn’t open mastodon it just loaded the original post and comments in jerboa. I assume the upvotes are likes on mastodon. That’s gonna end up screwing up internal content metrics vs rando mastodon likes, IMO. Also viewing mastodon accounts as Lemmy accounts is really weird. How are you supposed to know who’s from where?

Anyway, it seems to be one way as in theres no way to post to the original mastodon post, just view the thread in Lemmy. Kinda weird.

Also weird, now I can’t seem to find the original post anywhere after setting my language to English, nor any of my previous posts… Wtf?

Also example of markup in the titles on jerboa Also sorry if this is the wrong sub to post this in, they're all very spread out

The whole *arr suite is good stuff I highly recommend

FYI if you’re using jellyfin and find the interface not to your liking, the kodi jellyfin plugin integrates your jellyfin library into kodi movies/tv/etc categories. I just started using it and its very cool

Oh this instance needs new account approval? I didn’t know that.

Nope. Tried removing default language and setting English as default. Still can’t see comments on instances other than

Yeah the chat function is a mess and I still can’t get omemo working with xmpp. Granted, I kinda gave up on it.


They did too much nitrous in the parking lot before the concert.

I can read local instance comments but not remote instances comments. The fdroid version doesn’t show any comments at all (0.0.24)

I assume its because the other instances have yet to update/migrate the dbs

We recently remodeled the shower and the facuet we got apparently only let’s you use warm water if you have it on full blast which sucks because I love showering with just a tiny bit of warm water so the soap doesn’t all get washed away and go down the drain.

Want to replace it with a more sane faucet but I’ll have to pull some of the tile off the wall, which I actually need to do anyway to fix the water spout the tile guy installed incorrectly.

also this expand here only expands the vid thumbnail.

also fullscreen doesnt do it (firefox 106.0 flatpak)

kinda smol tho

hey it works. cool!

they used to be everywhere but now they've been replaced by ukranian flags



shit ive been doing this wrong

Is it an intended ‘feature’ of lemmy to restrict users ability to make comments when blocked by OP?
so this CHEF-KOCH guy banned and deleted my comments from his community. I messaged to ask why and he blocked me from messaging him. He recently made a post in /c/linux and i am unable to comment on the post of any of the comments to the post. Is this intended by the devs? It seems like it only functions to hinder discussion. Say this dude just started posting all over the place in different topics and such, they could effectively block anyone they don't agree with which would just kill any actual discussion on any of these posts. It seems incredibly backwards when he is not the admin of those communities. Who is he to say who gets to comment there?

It’s just a bunch of tankies shitposting for mao. how do i stop seeing these idiot posts?