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Sweden extradites PKK/KCK terror group member to Türkiye
This puts us in front of 2 questions. 1- If this person is a terrorist, what he was doing all this time in Sweden? Why Sweden now decided to turn him to turkey? does Sweden support and protect terrorist groups? 2- If this person is not a terrorist to be kept all this time, is Sweden is turning an innocent man and violating the international law?

That’s absolutely correct, this what i said, remember, even if you give the Vatican that number of weapons will stand against the American army, but doesn’t mean will not get crushed, so better to start seeking a new news source.

Who told you that the Russian army is not crashing the Ukrainian army? of course, the Ukrainians are getting smashed, but if you keep watching CNN this is something they will not tell you about.

let the Ukrainians advance one meter without Russians leaving their positions.

Also, try to remember Ukrainian definitions as below: Surrender = evacuation Losing lands = Tactical retreat

Ukrainians have no weapons, they receive daily stream through Poland, 1 day with no weapons and ammo, look what the Russian will do to them.

regrading to civilian deaths, nothing changed. here is something for your reference. the Ukrainian army has used and still using 100s of civilians facilities. Zelensky does not care how many more civilians will die, his wife and kids are enjoying photo sessions for western magazines and shopping in malls in Poland, let the other people die.

Also, the Ukrainian media the next day: An Ukrainian female drone pilot killed 837362525 Russian soldiers only by flying over them.

No, it’s true, Germany allowed the US to use the military bases for logistics. so its involved by one way or another.

Yeah, Germany is always ready to go to war for the US. so, this is something to expect.

In fact there is already an RTL fork of lemmy-ui which could help you get started.

i saw this one, as i had a discussion about it on Github.

I absolutely don’t mind merging any changes with Lemmy as will pay for this by one way or another, all is care about for now to find a developer who can implement all these changes.

1-I will ask someone to help with the RTL.

2- Card View on mobile is very important, so yes that’s to be done as well. (I don’t like the current view of Lemmy on mobile) Hexbear.net on mobile is good.

3- I will ask the developer to add Q&A option to the posting form, when the option is checked, a Q&A label must be shown next to the title of that post.

4- Fields for sponsored links to fund the service. Donations culture is not that big in my place.

5- The homepage on desktop will be redesigned, the list of posts will be in the middle, with 2 sidebars, on the left and right.

Can i get updates from Lemmy if i deploy my fork on Gitea?
I'm not that technical person, i need to hear from you. I'm planning to hire someone to modify a Lemmy fork for me as i need to add new features, also i have to declare the source code to align with AGPL-3. The question is, if i put my code on self-hosetd Gitea can i get the important updates from the master brunch of lemmy on github? especially the security updates. Please tell me if this is possible!

No one can overthrow them; the gang is controlling their lives. the system works this way.

Its not an apocalypse so to be given for free, this food meant to be sold. go find a job and buy the food.

It’s all about the time, let’s wait for the winter. The winter is coming.

This will put the US in front of a big test, let’s see how they will deal with their European allies’ major problem.

This is something good, don’t forget the organized crime as well and drug cartels.

What are the biggest websites build with open source software?
Are there big websites build with open source software that gets millions of visitors every month?

This will not change anything. the US and the Europeans will keep promoting for this as a political trick, but yet, they will keep buying oil from Saudi. The Saudi royal family lured Khashoggi to Istanbul, and killed him in a very messy operation, what happened? of course nothing, here is our boy MBS walking free.

What prevents lemmy team from making Cardview on mobile like Hexbear?
So the question is clear from the title. i was searching the web and found a website called Hexbear https://www.hexbear.net/. after looking at it for a minute found that this website is a modified fork of lemmy, but checking further found that hexbear shows the posts in cardview which looks better than the standard view of lemmy on mobile. Any plans to allow cardview for lemmy on mobile? here is how it looks on mobile ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/ca0cc40f-be68-4f4a-a9b9-1fa937d33e7e.png)

The western leaders want to you to see what they want you to see, not what the truth require! totally normal reaction from twitter.

Germany on the top of few European countries pay what equals to 700 million dollars everyday to Russia, this is only from European countries, china pay 80% of that amount. and you should consider India, some African and Latin America countries as well.

This is only comes from oil and gas. don`t forget they invest in space, technology, military. the military products of Russia are used in more than 90 countries, and these products require maintenance and spare parts, and all this should be done by the manufacturer. For example when Russia sends an engineer to turkey to check or fix the S400, turkey pay 10s of thousands of dollars each day for this engineer and all this goes to the Russian government. same apply on the other products.

Every time the US is stack facing Russia, they bring the chemical weapons thing. few years back, did that in Syria, but the inspectors couldn’t find any traces. so, this is an old game the US and the NATO should change or update, because this is no longer working, since the WMDs of iraq.

What will happen when a moderator who created a community delete it? what will happen to the posts in this community?
Lets say i have created a community on lemmy, and after some time when people posted some posts to my community, i decided to delete it. what will happen to these posts associated to my community?

Policy opinion: am i going to suppress the freedom of speech if i ban religion topics and porn on my instance?
At least for me its very difficult to make the line between preventing hate speech and allowing the freedom. I'm thinking to launch a lemmy instance, but the targeted audience is very sensitive to religion topics, and i'm sure if i allow it, this could lead to hate speech at some point and may fuel violence. Also, from my prospective, i just want my audience find new good things far from porn, porn sites are a lot, and i don`t want to mix it with other topics that can very constructive. So please tell me your opinion, if banning these 2 topics can effect the freedom of speech.

Mixed reviews about Wasabi storage, most of them negative : What is the best cloud storage for Mastodon?
I went through many reviews about wasabi cloud storage, in fact the reviews were mixed but most of them negative, so what is the best affordable cloud storage for mastodon to go with instead wasabi?

Is this some sort of secrets? The CIA has a good history in funding every party that harm people, so no longer a secret.

LEMMY under AGPLv3.0: Can a i modify a fork to allow ADS?
Forking and modifying lemmy to allow ads will revoke the license? according to AGPLv3.0, you still can use the code for commercial purposes. Please clarify.

Best resources to install lemmy on digitalocean
I'm not into these cloud and docker stuff. i have limited knowledge of installing software on VPS. i have installed discourse on digitalocean successfully, it was simple even with docker presence. Is there any type of resources that explains the installation process step by step for beginner people like me?