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The structure of twitter means it would take a lot of work to build any kind of following and even then have low conversion to beehaw users. A placeholder or low effort account would be merely whispering into the void. All of that effort would be better spent posting on beehaw and making it a more inviting place. In my mind I think there is no promotional value in jumping on that sinking ship.

I did not realise it was possible to do this with css, quite impressive.

I don’t have this problem at all provided I use the ctrl+c/v command. Choosing paste from the right click menu does not work and also does not work in other browser based apps such as office 365 in my experience.

New to computers; solitaire seriously.

Getting used to using a mouse; Coffee Talk, a nice little story game based on dialogue options and a very simple espresso machine operated by mouse clicking on labelled buttons.

To get used to first person mouse navigation I’d recommend Gone Home. It’s about exploring a house filled with environmental story telling. No fail states or challenges.

I’m not your friend buddy!

serious answer to that specific scenario though is just to append “my new friend”

I’m not sure why you are digging up old click bait articles but this isn’t true. What is banned is fictional child pornography (in addition to real child porn obviously). Aka you cannot hire legally aged porn actors and have them play the role of children or create animated child pornography (also illegal in many other countries). Hentai depicting legal sexual acts would not be banned. This btw is also the source of the equally spurious “Australia banned small boobs in porn” claims.

Password reuse means a twitter compromise would lead to accounts being stolen all over the Web. Hijacked Twitter accounts could be used directly for all manner of impersonation scams and spamming. Security matters on every site because every site has some potential to leverage attacks on others.

I have played on golf courses in the outback that have no green or much grass at all really and it was still fun. They don’t need the water for the sake of the game but for maintaining a decadent aesthetic.

Basically a direct analogue of the billionaires wanting to let the meteor fall for the minerals in Don’t Look Up.

If the vast majority of people believed the earth is called gazorp that would absolutely suddenly make it so.