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Not sure if you got latter and former confused, but I for one am hoping things are calming down. That said, I know that this was midterms and since Trump wasn’t actually on the ballot, it probably means a lot of the people who drove unrest last time around weren’t motivated to show up.

Still Unfinished Shield

This is more of an update than a showcase since I intend to finish this project and make a separate post at that time. I forgot in my calculations of whether or not I would finish that my in-laws were coming to town, and that the time would change so that I wouldn’t have light to work outside after work, and then I went ahead and bought Victoria 3 to distract myself even more. However, I got the green half the way I want, and learned a lot about how best to use the acrylic on this kind of surface, which you can see here.

There’s some actually finished projects over on Tildes, if you want to check them out.

Largely true, but I think that makes the discussion all the more interesting. A lot of people act like the way the wealthy invest is what made them wealthy, but the data generally shows that is not true, and that the alternatives they invest in often don’t generate any additional risk adjusted return. If that’s true, and the decision is being made by financial professionals who should know that… then why do we see the investment patterns that we do becomes a fun rabbit hole.

Make Something Month: Showcase
Hey y'all! Apologies for the late post, my life has been busy which I will elaborate on in my post below. This post is your chance to showcase anything you made from the month of October! Feel free to title your project, tell us about your creative process, or anything else.

I really want to post this to my neighborhood email list where all the people complain about subsidized housing that the city wants to build, but since it shows price appreciation I am afraid that this will feed their confusing view that dense cities are unaffordable because they were built densely, rather than being built densely as a natural response to rising land prices.

Not sure if you have come back to Earth yet, but how is it so far? I have never played Vic2 but seeing the blog post describe it as CK2 + Factorio has me intrigued. That said, I was traveling on release day and for a few days after, and seeing the mixed and dropping reviews on Steam has me worried.

I have recently been mostly into Satisfactory and Factorio, though I am also a big fan of Crusader Kings II and III, and I might pick up Victoria 3 at some point soon. Definitely also interested in doing a Minecraft/Minetest server!

Love this! I am interested in how getting Rust code approved for medical devices will go. I know there is a lot of regulation in that field so I imagine it is slow to change.

My apologies for falling off the face of the earth for last week’s update. I started a new job that week, and ended up on travel for most of this week for work, so progress has not been what I had hoped. Realistically, I don’t think I am going to be able to finish everything before Monday, but I might be able to get something respectable before the actual showcase thread next Saturday. Anyway, what I did accomplish:

  • Made cuts on the main body of the shield and the handle. The shields outer and inner curves are definitely not perfect, and I somehow managed to cut the handle too long? But I think it won’t be too noticeable in the finished product, and a too long piece can always be cut down.
  • I made one attempt at attaching the linen facing, but went about it all wrong. I tried to spread glue over the full surface and lay it down all in one go, which I had some misgivings about but thought would work. When I went to add more glue on top of the linen to complete my composite, it bubbled horribly.
  • I made a second attempt at attaching the linen, this time gluing down one section at a time, pulling the fabric taught as I laid it down on the glue, using an old library card to push out bubbles, and waiting about 60 seconds before moving on. This worked quite well, and I was able to add more glue for the top surface without issue.
  • I trimmed the excess linen. I started with scissors for this, but because of the glue in the fabric, a box cutter ended up being the more appropriate tool.
  • I applied my primer to the whole surface of the shield to make sure my paint sticks nicely.
  • I applied a coat of green to approximately half of the shield. I think this will need at least one more coat to get everything reasonably even.

Pictures of my progress so far here.

I am also participating in a parallel Make Something Month on Tildes

Well, even though I had two days off this week, very little progress on my shield. I was able to get a metal bowl that I think will do nicely for the boss, and order from some Etsy sellers for the leather carrying strap and rawhide edging. Most of my time actually ended up going towards caring for my SO, who scratched her eye and has thus needed a lot of assistance the last few days. She is doing much better now, so I can hopefully spend more time on the shield.

I am also participating in a parallel Make Something Month over on Tildes, if you would like to take a look.

So this week I want to buy all the things for my shield, with an aim to do a lot of assembly work next weekend since I am taking some time off. My purchases so far:

  • Plywood sheet, 15/32 in by 4 ft by 4 ft, sanded
  • Cheap corded jigsaw
  • Nicer jigsaw blades, I went for some for finer cutting
  • 1x2 board, my local big box store accidentally charged me $40 for this and I had to go back and complain
  • Variety pack of sandpaper
  • Boiled linseed oil, to finish the handle
  • Wood chisel set, to shape the handle
  • Wood glue, to attach the handle maybe and also the linen facing
  • 1 yard of linen to face the front
  • Red, green, and black paints to paint the front
  • A paint brush set since I only had some detail brushes before
  • Some primer to help my paint stick
  • Some 1.5 in nails to attach the handle and the boss
  • Some 0.5 in tacks, to attach the rawhide edging and maybe also the carrying strap

You can see a mandatory haul photo of my purchases here. I still need a few more items:

  • A rawhide bone from a pet store, to soak in water and pull apart to make the edging
  • A leather strip to make into a carrying strap, might end up being pleather. Local big box craft store only had some pretty flimsy pleather straps and some more substantial woven straps, so might look online for this.
  • A metal mixing bowl to serve as the boss. This is tricky because I want something that is as hemispherical as possible, something which does not have rubber on the bottom to help it grip, and something that has a rim that I can use to attach it to the face. I think I saw something online that I can pick up at a fancier kitchen store near me though.

Overall good progress, I think I will have a time to get or at least shop for the rest in the next day or two. I also noticed that my neighbors down the alley have some sawhorses in their carport, so I might knock on their door and ask to borrow them. They look kinda old, but they are definitely going to be easier (and safer) than whatever else I might be able to come up with.

I am also participating in a parallel Make Something Month over on Tildes, if you want to check it out.

I think there is still a lot career paths that people would call traditional between working at the same company for your entire working life and starting your own business. At least I sure hope so, as someone about to switch jobs just 2.5 years into their career.

I’ve posted about this on similar topics elsewhere online, but I was an early pandemic hire at my (soon to be former) employer, so I completed the entire interview and worked for quite some time remotely before being able (and required) to go into the office. As a 5’ 6" man, I am solidly the shortest person in the office, even including the few (because RIP gender equality in STEM) women. There are a few people who I would estimate at over 6 feet tall, from a smallish group. I have often wondered if I would have gotten a job here if I had been able to do an onsite interview, and if my choice to switch to more remote work in the future will benefit my career because no one knows my height.

Cooking is a good one, although I am not sure if my attempts fall into the healthy category. I have been working on sugar work, with caramel and fudge, with the added constraint of using dairy substitutes so my SO can partake. Maybe not an all the time thing, but something like that could be a good Make Something Month project.

I’m not sure if the Pi would have enough power for this, but I have an old laptop dedicated to running Jellyfin and TVheadend, which lets me stream media and TV throughout the house. If you have media in a format that you know won’t need to be transcoded, could be something the Pi can handle.

This year I am going to be making a Viking round shield! I am basing it off of a book I read as well as instructions I find online. My hope is to finish construction with enough time to paint some kind of crest on it, featuring a boar and a lion. These represent my current pets, some adorable guinea pigs, as well as the pets I hope to have in the near future, kittens.

This first week will likely be dedicated to the most thrilling aspects of all: sourcing and budgeting. I am probably going to make the shield out of plywood rather than the much more traditional boards, as that simplifies construction and reduces the number of tools required immensely. That said, I don’t really see a way around buying some tools, in all likelihood a jigsaw compatible with my current cordless tool batteries, and a probably some kind of wood chisel(s?) for shaping the handle. In an effort to make sure that I don’t spend too much, or run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything, I am going to make a plan.

I am also participating in a parallel Make Something Month over on Tildes, if you would like to take a look.

This is wild to me because my SO and I, who are both Gen Z by some definitions, think about how much meat we are eating very frequently. On top of that, we think about what kind of meat it is, since it is my understanding that of the huge amount of environmental damage caused by meat production, the bulk of that is caused by beef in particular.

I have also been super busy lately, but I am hoping that running and participating in something like this will get me off of mindless scrolling and on to doing something interesting!

Always happy to find another person who loves the posts on ACOUP! It really is a treat to find a historian who is so knowledgeable in both the field and gaming and is willing to use all that knowledge together. I think the pedant label is more in reference to a lot of the earlier posts, which look at battles/events in popular fantasy media like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings and do have a bit more nit picking to them, but are great reads nonetheless.

I actually understand where he is coming from on the football team vs office job perspective. When I think about my current work, my feeling is sometimes that it doesn’t matter, but if I actually consider what I am doing and the nature of the project, I realize that my efforts do affect the course of the project going forward. Contrasting that to my experience running competitively as a high schooler, I did not matter there at all, I never raced fast enough to score, in the rare event I was in a race where the score mattered. But despite that, I still feel some connection to the team. Whether that is different because of the physical nature of the task, the social elements, the fact that I was young and certainly still developing socially at the time, or that sports coaches have an approach that just hits differently than office bosses, I can’t say. I think I have enough capacity for self reflection to not go chasing the way I felt during that time of my life, but I can understand how someone would come to feel that way and why they might want to generalize that feeling to other parts of their life.