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> *be lil yoggie*

> *live through collapsing SU*

> *leave the country*

> *tell westerners how beautiful SU was*

> *don’t dare to step foot in any other communist country*

sorry to be nitpicky but correct spelling in this case would be “he has came from Russia” or even better “he has migrated from Russia”

nobody is really in a position to tell Russia how to conduct the war

Heard of international law, sweaty? Somehow even invaders don’t wanna see it enforced, grudgingly abiding and spitting nuclear threats.

I do not support the use of nuclear weapons

Including when Russia doing it? Or is there some 4D chess kicking in in that moment?

Okay, I’ll try that again but slower: do you support using a tactical nuclear weapons on a battlefield?

Basically a very humble posadist with a lot of spare time on one’s hands 🤷

🤔 I wonder do you consider nukes to be a weapon of “combat battle”?

yeeees-yes-yes, beautiful! Yeah, let me see

  • retaliation is a strategic gain | check!
  • driving away the enemy without a fight is both suffering horrific losses and also doesn’t count not a real victory | check-check!
  • dooming the poorest of civilians to frost death without electricity while not affecting the situation on the battlefield is a real victory (oof, I thought you’re communist!) | CHECK
  • EU will freeze 😞 | Not check! | did you forget to practice your lines? I thought we’ve already gone through this all several times!

Also-also, can you name a situation where you would (hypothetically of course!) acknowledge ukrainian gains? I really would like to have it on the record to show it to you later

And that’s it? I’ve been waiting for so long for you to react to liberation of Kherson and that’s the best you came up with?

My Disappointment Is Immeasurable And My Day Is Ruined

Alternative title: Turkey is likely to sign off on Swedish NATO bid in next 2 months

One post you proclaim problem with environment, another one you celebrate increase of oil import for world’s biggest polluter. Cmon man, choose a line

Russia chose to hold in Kherson, and to withdraw around Kharkov

don’t mind me, just saving some of your claims for the future when Ivans will “choose” “a gesture of goodwill” again.

Have you written an explanation for this “regrouping” already? oh nah, let me guess, the city has “no significance”, right? yeah, also let’s spice it up with “heavy” casualties from UAF, “freezing” europe and the west crumbling aaaaany daaaaay noooow; sounds whataboutist enough? good

Sir, you totally engaged with my point, provided a solution and meanwhile have been very respectful to me. I wish to talk more with you, can we maybe meet up for a cup of coffee some time?

You hurt my feelings! Argh, it hurts so much, I cannot take this any more, my life is over, why do you do this to me?!

Indeed, it doesn’t makes sense 😱! you should call CEOs of Samsung/TSMC and tell them that, they certainly have been misinformed but thanks to your better judgement they can still make it!

Save those capitalists, step-dr.Strange, I’m begging you, they didn’t know what they’ve doing! Show them the love and warmth you showed everyone around you!

It’s weird how sanctions from US keep being abided by those countries. They’re absolutely trapped supplying chips to China… But keep in line with the sanctions… There should be some logical explanation! can you spell it out for me, step-dr. Strange?

Mate you’re quoting a bloody journalist ABOUT FINANCE. And even he realizes that chip manufacturing is not about US but Taiwan and Korea. US is supplier of patents /technologies but why care about such trivial matter when you want to compare apples to dragonfruit

thanks for your insight, bro, your economics and logo never ceases to amaze me 😆

Meanwhile major Chinese chip manufacturers are down 40% YoY and keep falling. But don’t listen to market, your basics in economics and logistics certainly outsmart the whole financial industry 🤡

Oh no, the war didn’t happen over pelosi visit, how could you predict that aside from not choosing to post propaganda?!

Well, thanks. But is there any good alternative or at least some approach fundamentally different but not susceptible to the same problems?

Wanna suggest an apolical better alternative or you’re one of those who says “there’s nothing we can do, only criticize”?

Master of debate and rhetoric ladies and gents

I’m just guessing, but maybe just maybe people like you have something to do with it?

The description missed: desperate attempt of OP to paint Wikipedia (the open source successful project which democratized public knowledge) same colours as Facebook and Twitter.

I wonder if there’s some kinda agenda behind it

Aw, so cute of you to notice my absence, step-dr. Strange. Be honest, didn’t you miss me?

Personally, I didn’t see what angle there would be for Russia to actually invade Ukraine.

24 February 2022 © step-dr.Strange

can we have some more positive predictions of yours? I’m starting to worry that EU can catch heatwave this winter

Oh no, economics and logistics don’t add up, oh snap

What the heck I just watched lol

Preview entire federated instance while staying on my main one?
I find it awkward to go to another instance (say lemmygrad.ml) where I'm not registered to figure out if I like it or not. Without logged in profile I cannot participate in the discussion, can't upvote, subscribe to communities. To do all that I need to go to my main instance where I'm signed in and manually type address of a community on another instance. Only after that I can participate in it. So I'd like to preview a federated Lemmy instance or at least list of its communities without leaving Lemmy.ml Can I do that? P.s. I realize I can preview separate communities on federated instance but can I preview the whole instance?