Friends don’t let friends use proprietary software.

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Its really missing a hoagie launcher to disperse crowds of hobos, and would pair well with the hot-sauce dispenser. domain hijacked!
sorry guys, HeapOverflow is down right now, because freenom decided to disappear my domain registration... I'll try and recover it or migrate to a more reliable TLD, but It'll take some time =/ This should also serve as a warning against using sketchy TLDs

They exist and contact us, but the governments suppress that info

Yeah its lame that the actual apaches don’t own the trademark, but the apache org is just a charity making free software, so I feel like the native american tribes should be able to get along with them.

the org should make a donation to some charity, and the tribes should let them use the name; anything else seems unreasonable.

Omega mart is a “gag item” store in las vegas, all of the products there are like this

Lemmy is way better than Mastodon for content discovery, which is one of the biggest reasons I wish that lemmy supported “self-posts”, i.e. posting to your own timeline.

being able to cross-post “mastodon-like content” directly on lemmy would really help content discovery, make attributions simpler, and make lemmy the undisputed champion of the fediverse!

and everyone knows russia would never violate the geneva convention by using spys!

“critical but stable” is an oxymoron and explains precisely nothing

These people don’t understand the fediverse, they are about as smart as amoeba but instead of stimulus-response they operate off of investments and profit. The concept of “running an instance” is alien and a non-profit makes the opposite of sense to them.
Only until several corpos like tumblur turn a profit with the fediverse will they begin to get a clue.

once an open-source program gets enough attention it achieves “critical mass”, and proprietary software can never catch back up.

They probably see the inevitable and are jumping on the train before it leaves the station

I have double the swap than physical memory in a swap partition. In not concerned about wearing it out, and I like having plenty of space for hibernation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I dont think you should use nofail, there is probably a away to get fstab to work 🤔

Did you read the logs to see what the issue is? can you manually mount?

Feel free to post in the “linux” community, for FOSS stuff, and I just made the “tech support” community for everything else.

A open-source privacy focused OS from google?

Cant wait for the proprietary modules!

Nah, they make it so we cultivate them

They are the way forward, but I’d buy an AMD one right now 😞

[RFC] How should code-highlighting themes be handled?
I'm working on adding highlighting to `code-blocks` on lemmy using [highlight.js](, and am wondering exactly how to implement it. There are many code-themes that could be used Regarding which theme to use there are basically two different directions I could go: 1. Each lemmy-theme would have to explicitly declare an hljs theme to use. - PROS: - easy to use, users automatically get an appropriate code-theme for every ui-theme. - simple to implement (already done) - CONS: - theme-makers need to pick an appropriate theme - no user customizability, limited number of themes 2. Users can pick their preferred theme just like they pick a UI theme. - PROS: - Extreme customization, there are a buttload of themes, and users can pick any one! - CONS: - Users would **need** to pick an appropriate theme. It would use the "browser-default" (light/dark) until they pick one, and could look weird and be confusing until then - PITA to implement & requires back-end changes (wont see it for a while) Let me know what you think, or if you have another solution. I have solution #1 deployed on right now =] Here is the PR for those interested:

[Suggestion] Configurable "default sort" for comments
I would also appreciate site-config options for comments and posts.

Anyone else have this problem or know a solution? My instance has almost no usage, and I'm using the version recommended in the docker instructions.

Why do mod-actions on other instances show up on my instance?
I get that "federated bans" were added recently, but it seems odd to show trolls getting banned from their home-instance on my instance. =/ thoughts?

Is there a bot that will scrape RSS / ATOM feeds and xpost to lemmy?
It would be handy for auto-posting new github releases, youtube vids, SO content, etc. If not I'll make one, so recommend libs =]

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Python Programming Introduction [MOOC]
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The video seems to be fine... how is this possible?!?!

New TikTok streaming software is an illegal fork of OBS