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To explain more, an understandable and common mistake is to just move the .iso file to the flash drive. For it to work you have to write the information contained in the .iso file (aka image) to the flash drive using an app like the ones listed above.

I don’t doubt the difference in the numbers, but there is a deliberate scale error. An Escalade is over 17ft long. The blind spot as drawn is drawn longer than the vehicle, but labeled as half its length.

For me this kind of visual trickery undermines a totally valid point. I can see why it might raise BS alarm bells for someone looking at it even if they can’t put their finger on what exactly is off.

So if my elevator gets stuck a lot should I upgrade my building’s RAM or just get a whole new building?

Rich people: I want a place on the ocean and it is my right to have an outsized impact on climate change (and thus sea level rise and increased storm severity). Also rich people: But who will protect my second home from the its proximity to the shore and the impacts of climate change?

You said it. And I would add critical thinking to the requirements. Even if they don’t feel a responsibility towards any other people generally, ‘effective and cheaper’ should sway anyone who doesn’t just want someone to marginalize, exploit, or otherwise look down on.

Definitely there should be discharge standards for industrial point sources. There is a precedent for that. The harder problem is controlling nonpoint input from all of us as we clean off our makeup, toss our food wrappers, and wash our clothes (etc). The producers should be responsible for that clean up too.

Sometimes the tips you get are for sound diffusion/absorption which are meant to improve sound in something like a recording studio. Just stick to ‘sound proofing’ and it will be two way by nature.

With the abbreviation (kg) both are correct because the reader can’t tell if kg is singular or plural. The link uses both 200,000th kilogram with no ‘s’ on kg talking about just the last kilo and 200,000 kilograms with the ‘s’ talking about all of the kilos. These are both factually and grammatically correct, but they mean slightly different things.

Whoever downvoted this doesn’t understand plants and their interactions at all.

In a world without plants nearly all animals die. In a world without animals some plants don’t reproduce.

That’s what I’ve thought about all of the government phone bans. Even people who opted to use their personal phones for work business have the work data/apps sandboxed by default. The bans seem more symbolic than anything.

It isn’t even about privacy for me. The ability to control my appliances remotely just adds no value. Why would I bother? It is an opt in process so I imagine other people think the same way and just don’t take the extra set up steps. Put security and privacy concerns on top of that and I’m not even curious to try.

If I remember right my pi doesn’t throttle until around 55. 42 seems low to be getting performance reduction when they’re rated into the 80s.

Whenever you want to. It might work. It might not. Do what fells right and learn when that was a mistake. Prescriptive timelines do more harm than good.

The idea of a functional closed system in this sense is flawed. Over fertilization, synthetic fertilization, and misuse of water are problems in conventional farming because people don’t care enough, we subsidize synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and don’t regulate water usage correctly. Do you think that will be different for people who have enough to spend on a new 500 hectare farm building? Efficient use of nutrients through building soil and water via the same plus mindful irrigation are possible on large scales. People will say that vertical farming won’t lose water or nutrients because those are valuable resources, but how is that different from traditional ag.

Verical farming is only efficient if you want to buy growing space with energy. In every other way it is the next phase of factory farms. You still have to move stuff and the idea that this will be local to everyone instead of plopping huge factories in areas where energy is cheap to take advantage of scale is wishful thinking. Land will be converted, giant machines will be used, and international supply chains will be set up. Also building materials will be mined, manufactured, shipped around the world, and put in place, and when we’re done with the building it will go to land fill when a new building is put in it’s place. Farm fields can be relatively easily restored to native ecosystems. Building sites tend to be permanent conversion.

I am not even going to start on the benefits of indigenous farming for local ecosystems except to say that vertical farming wants to be apart from the environment instead of a part of it.

Really? People didn’t see that the flaws would be where to get energy, where to get nutrients, and where to get water? This is literally the problem with growing any plant anywhere. At least outdoors you can count some or all of them being provided - weather, you like it or not.

I don’t think their legal position is ambiguous at all. Subscribers agree to terms when they sign up. The part that will kill them is popular opinion. If they start prosecution on subscribers how many people will keep using the platform? That’s why they’re sending out the emotional message too.

Oh, I completely believe those figures. I just think it is the beginning of the end for new additions. Heat pumps and induction cooktops are viable alternatives to gas and governments are starting to react. My prediction is that we’ll hit peak new gas in the next decade and it will tail off after that. Might just be wishful thinking though.

There are municipalities in my area that have started mandating electical appliances in new buildings. I think gas lines are on their way out. My guess is that it will be 50 years before they are all gone in cities in the US.

Yes, I still subscribe to the idea that you need 2 of these three: physical distancing, outdoors (or extremely good HVAC), and masking. Concert outdoors? Mask. Grocery store? Distance and mask. Indoor concert? No way to get 2 of three - don’t go.

I’ve just started a server, and all I need to get you verified is full name, phone number, DOB, bank acct number, and 3 passwords to secure your account. Here it is if you’re interested: mastodon.totallylegit.con

Reading online, it is an anachronistic term referring to a 750 mL bottle. The crazy thing is that in the no metric US these are often called seven-fives (as in .75L)

What possible other tricks? Multiple physical barriers - masks, distance, air flow/filtration and a biological ones - vaccine, testing, antivirals. The only lost front here is the societal one. People don’t use the above methods, so it can seem like they don’t work. The prevention/control methods work. We don’t.

Very real. I work in remote places where I have to find high ground, stand on my truck, and hold my phone as high as possible just to get SMS in/out. There is no reason to expect there will ever be anymore towers up there, so data or even calls are a no go.

Many, many local ecological restoration and preservation groups. By their nature they need to be rooted in their place, so look up your local one.

We need someone to start a citizen funded, billion dollar trial though to prove the materials work. Enter SteElon ™ wheels maybe?

Hmm, then for the busiest roads we could strap a bunch of cars together and have them accelerate and brake as a single unit to save space.

Phones out in public?! Finally, I don’t have to lug this cell phone around anymore. -Futurama

Are both answers truthful, logical, and accurate?

No to top sheets, box spring, and frame. Wash your blanket enough = no top sheet. Still need a sheet under you. There are matressess that are made to not have box springs, but you can’t use them with the common cheap frames made to support box springs. Don’t need a ‘bed frame’ but your mattress shouldn’t be permanently on the floor. Up to you how to achieve that.

I know you’re just kidding, but it is interesting to think about how truly successful the chili has been. We’ve moved them around the world and bred tons of variety into them. It could be that chilis co-evolved with humans to our mutual benefit.

will receive at least 3 years of software updates

Not good enough. 5 years of security updates is a min for me on a project like this where you will never find anyone else with an official OS build. 10 years should be the standard, but that’s a lot to hope for from software or hardware.

An informative review. Spoiler - no they don’t do what they claim and even if they did it hasn’t been proven that it would matter.

Reading through some claims online impurities do account for a slight difference in sodium content. The thing that gets cited for major differences is volumetric comparisons. Sea salt and coarse rock salt usually have bigger chunks than table salt, so less fits in a spoon. Therefore every spoon of a coarse salt has substantially less sodium …and substantially less salt flavor when dissolved.

How? Are they saltier tasting with less actual salt (NaCl)? I know potassium chloride is sold as a salt replacer. What is the chemical makeup that makes ‘less sodium’ possible in natural salts? There are a lot of sea and rock salts in the world. Why are those two special?

You might be able to detach the LED portion from the rest of the lamp. If you can you could buy a matching LED and wire it in. By matching I mean having the same input and output. You would be extremely lucky to find the same shape.

Need help choosing a Funkwhale (and other fediverse) instance(s)
I am looking to just dip my toes on a couple of other platforms. What I am finding while trying to choose an instance for Funkwhale (or Friendica, Pixelfed, etc) is that there is very little in the way of descriptions for finding something to match me and I would just be choosing at random. I am using the official sites' server recommendations/lists to look through and am really getting no info that is helpful to me. Does anyone know of other resources? My best option at this point is to use a throw away account to get on any server then spend just enough time interacting to find a good one and try to join it. Does that seem reasonable?

I thought I would throw this out to everyone in an easy way after seeing this post https://lemmy.ca/post/76405 What do you think the lemming mascot of Lemmy should be called? Top level comments should just be the name.

Looking for a new mobile OS
I have been running lineageOS on my OnePlus 2. I liked it, but Lineage has stopped supporting my phone. There are two options that I have been able to find as replacements - postmarketOS and /e/OS. Any thoughts on those or other recommendation? Anything that gets security updates, is open source, and is functional meets my needs.