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In terms of usability and being open source it’s a good platform. However the libertarian ideology behind Odysee shows, as it has blockchain and the founders believe in free speech absolutism. The result? As many have said, COVID deniers, Nazis, QAnon folks and all kinds of shitty people have made Odysee their hub. Compared to BitChute, Odysee seems to have more varied content (gaming, tech, artists, music and so on) so it’s not 100 % whackos, but they considerably degrade the platform.

As a result of free speech absolutism, there is too lax moderation, if no moderation at all. Many liberal creators such as Sam Seder and David Pakman get all kinds of hateful comments to their videos, and nothing is done to them. Another factor degrading the platform, not making it attractive for more left-leaning/progressive folks.

Yes, this list is being updated regularly. But really nice to hear that you have set up your own instance, I will add those right away!

I agree. Handling this through the kangaroo court of social media just may get things spiraling out of control and complicate investigation. “Trust, but verify.”

Funny how Gab, Gettr, Parler and Truth Social were founded as alternatives because of Twitter’s perceived liberal bias. Now they have faced an identity crisis!

Elon Musk’s net worth is 176.9 billion USD, while George Soros’s is 6.7 billion USD. So much of Soros being Magneto. Musk has gotten even more deranged during the last few years, and now he endorses anti-semitic nonsense. Why is anyone on Twitter at this point?

Olkiluoto 3, Finland’s own Sagrada Família and Star Citizen. It was really frustrating to read news about the plant getting delayed year by year. Especially during winter it felt like moving the goalposts, there always were some kind of “technical problems” with getting the plant deployed. I’m glad that it’s over, and so is getting gas from Russia.

But he has perhaps learned how to dupe a certain portion of gullible people by promising free speech absolutism.

Musk has learned the hard way that “free speech absolutism” doesn’t work in the real world.

The purpose of this list is simply to collect alternative communities on different Lemmy instances, not to filter them out by popularity or a similar metric.

For far-righters every act of terrorism done by them is a “psyop”.

Things may be bleak indeed – but not for his sex life.

The mouse looks really cumbersone.

I have been dreaming of making a sleeper PC inside the original iMac case.

One really has to put effort to be homeless here in Finland – as in living in the streets. Even one friend of mine who was homeless officially lived with her other friends.

Being active yourself may encourage passive people to join in discussions, and the point made about the signal-to-noise ratio was also good.

The option of joining NATO entered our public discourse after the USSR dissolved and was heavily debated ever since. However many people thought how joining NATO would endanger our relations with Russia and how joining NATO would get us involved in foreign wars. When Russia attacked Ukraine, our public discourse went 180 degrees. People wanted safety, and of course the attack mirrored the Winter War. So many people who were previously unsure, suddenly wanted Finland to launch negotiations about joining NATO immediately.

Neutrality towards a neighbor is an option… if that neighbor is a liberal democracy respecting human rights.

But isn’t that the rehashed argument that Jack Thompson, Dave Grossman & co. made about video games causing violence?

He has no self-awareness, and that is also creepy as fuck.

Too much realism starts to look boring and mundane at some point ;)

And when Unreal Engine 5 makes photorealism easier than before, people may become numb to it. Chasing for photorealism is going to yield diminishing results, and given the pace of how graphics technology develops, it’s going to age like milk. If I was a game developer, I would make more effort for art direction and stylized graphics instead of chasing photorealism.

Few years ago someone founded a Lemmy instance around porn, but it didn’t last long, later switching to Postmill. I have no knowledge of any “adult” Lemmy instances.

Nice to see multiple balls rolling with Twitter’s demise. Tech companies leave Twitter and the media (at least public broadcasters) start leaving Twitter.

The plot also thickens! Elon Musk threatens to sue Microsoft over Twitter data

I would answer him “Just beat it!”

this looks incredibly boring and uninspired to me

“Boring and uninspired” applies to yearly Call of Duty and sports game releases, and whatever is vomited out by certain AAA companies with horrible track records.

a boring rehash

I highly doubt it.

I’ve had the flu before, and it was no biggie.

COVID is a relatively new virus, and its’ full effects are not even known. It spreads more easily than the flu, has killed a lot more people in a shorter time frame and has increased hospital load a lot. Yes, COVID might have been mild for you but not for all people. What about the elderly, immunocompromised, diabetics and other risk groups? Even otherwise people may have been wrecked by COVID.

The Flu vs COVID-19

The recovery rate is so high

Oh, the “99,9 % people recover” argument? Recovering and not dying doesn’t mean that COVID isn’t dangerous. Ever heard of long COVID?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (opens in new tab) (CDC), common symptoms of long COVID include:

  • Tiredness or fatigue
  • Post-exertional malaise (symptoms that get worse after physical or mental effort)
  • Fever
  • Cardiorespiratory problems, such as cough and heart palpitations
  • Neurological symptoms, such as memory loss and sleep problems
  • Digestive symptoms, such as abdominal pain and diarrhea
  • Muscle and joint pain

most people only experience mild symptoms, if any

Even mild COVID linked to brain damage, scans show. Of course further studies are needed as this is only one study.

You are ignorant on so many levels, enough for me.

I’m proud of this community

Never could have Putin imagined what kinds of things would happen when he started attacking Ukraine. Finland has been a lot in the media spotlight recently. Putinists must be seething right now.

Never could one have imagined where Trump’s presidency and the movement he created would lead.

At last! Turkey and Hungary ratified the membership. Also this long saga regarding Finland’s NATO membership comes to a close.

Yeah, those commercial but consumer oriented events are relics of the past…

Certainly. After streaming events like Nintendo Direct and Sony’s State of Play became commonplace, the trajectory of E3 was downwards. The COVID pandemic was a tipping point, as the importance of livestreams and remote events rose to new heights. E3 and similar industry events started to feel like glorified Zoom calls for both gamers and industry executives. Why have all the hassle to organize a stage, rehearse for the presentation and pay large sums of money every year when there’s livestreams? Why have the gaming press as a middle-man and hassle with E3’s organizers, when gaming companies can take their messaging into their own hands?

For me, E3 was regardless an event I followed every summer. Gathering drinks and snacks, watching all the presentations and livestreams from the show floor, staying up all night… None of that anymore, feels somewhat sad. But the times have changed!

I wonder if future generations will look at these giant congress centers all over the world as industrial relics that warrant preservations, similar to how we see some of the stuff from the 19th century today 😀

“Daddy, you really went to Los Angeles for a few days just to see gaming companies announce things? Like, thousands of people huddled in together, possibly spreading viruses alongside, with no masks? What was that like, a Zoom call but on stage with no Zoom?”

Garlic has several health benefits, such as boosting immunity and being nature’s nutritious own antibiotic and antioxidant. This isn’t of course 100 % confirmed, but eating garlic should work best when eaten on an empty stomach, it should be good for the gut.