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Yeah after doing that I didn’t see the follow button. But it was ublock origin.

How can I follow people from Mastodon on Akkoma?

What are the pros of Pleroma over Mastodon?
I'm thinking of moving to Pleroma because Mastodon feels really slow. Maybe it's just that I've selected a popular instance and I should have chosen a more unpopular one. Anyway, I would like to know what are the pros of Pleroma over Mastodon from a user perspective.

How can I have a private second identity over onion routing in matrix?
I'm using Arch Linux. Right now I think I could move the config folder and start matrix using torsocks to have a new private identity. And I would have to move the folder again to go back to the previous identity. Is this right? Using another computer is another possibility. Possibly a raspberry with Qubes + Whonix. Is there any way of using two sessions at the same time, with one of them being over onion routing?

Is there a proper way to use Lemmy? What do you think it is?
I recently saw a person linking like 5 youtube videos from the same channel, and I thought well you could just post the link to the channel and whoever is interested will subscribe. I usually only post what is news or I find particularly interesting. So what do you think about someone posting anything they find even remotely interesting? I don't know what is the common idea of what's the proper way to use Lemmy. Maybe I should be posting everything I come across and let people decide what they find interesting.

It would be cool to have the possibility to link posts and show related posts in the sidebar.
Someone links two posts and then people vote on the linked posts, and the posts with more than a couple total positive votes appear in the sidepanel as related posts, in order from most to least votes. That way if you find a topic that you like you can easily find related posts. Or maybe there are duplicate questions a year appart and you can find the answers to both. I want to hear opinions before opening an issue on github.

I would keep using audacity. Look at the popularities. Audacity is still high meaning there is no good alternative.

audacity, tenacity, audacium

The fediverse should be a trending community right now
[@dessalines](https://lemmy.ml/u/dessalines) Even [I have seen](https://lemmy.ml/communities) how it has moved in the last few days to be the second most popular community and I don't pay much attention to that but I'm sure it was lower before. A community moving to the top like that should make it into the trending communities. That doesn't happen everyday. And yet we are seeing the new communities as trending communities as always.

Why does the west vilify Russia?
I would understand if they were communists, because capitalists would want to stop the spread of the "disease" or they would lose all power. But as far as I know since the fall of the Soviet Union they are like everyone else. So why are they still the bad guys in every western movie? Why are they vilified by mainstream media?

What are the best youtube categories and channels?
Post only [youtube categories](https://techpostplus.com/youtube-video-categories-list-faqs-and-solutions/#YouTube_video_category_name_and_id_list) as first level answers and channels as second level answers on their respective category.

Yeah I think similar communities from federated instances should all show the same content. Otherwise you would have to be constantly checking the rules for each of the different 100 technology communities to find the one that fits your post best. As if anyone would do that.

But I haven’t given this much thought. There may be better solutions.

But people are going to post the same things on both, they don’t know the reason why you created another community.

If other instances are discouraged from having similar communities to all the other instances they are federated with, what is the point of those instances existing at all?

I have a concern about Lemmy's ability to scale
What will happen as there are more and more instances when each instance has their own similar communities. For example, imagine if there are 100 instances, each with their own asklemmy community. Will you have to crosspost on all 100 instances if you want to ask people from every instance? Will you have to click on 100 posts if you want to see all the answers?

Sorry, I mean, given a text get the hashtags appropriate to use with the text.

Describing my perfect p2p file-sharing program
I want to have a clearer idea of what features this program could have. Contribute your own ideas. - It would allow searching for files and directories. - It would allow browsing users shared directories for content discovery. - Users could mark other users as 'favorites'. - You add files and they are scanned without hashing so people can download directly from you. After they are scanned they are hashed so that the network has swarming. The more people with a file the faster it downloads. I think this should be optional per folder and activated by default, because hashing too many files takes too long. Someone could want to enable swarming only for certain folders with bigger files. - A central server with a collaborative database to track collections, file names, file hashes, file tags, user searches. - Content suggestion based on past searches, ratings, interests, etc. - User suggestion based on interests. - Collections. Users would be able to wishlist a collection instead of searching for individual files. The collection would be downloaded automatically, as the files become available, based on the user preferences, for resolution, bitrate or whatever. Collections would be collaboratively curated like the rest of the database. Users could also wishlist individual files. - Monetization. A credit system to reward users who share the best, most popular or rarest files. Users would be able to download a few files per day for free but if they want to download more they need to keep a share ratio of 1 or higher or get a subscription. - Users would see the agreed upon name of each file from the database instead of the name other users have given it. - Typical search where instead of searching the server you are searching for currently available files and folders. Fuzzy search with advanced options like: exact match, exclude, or, `*` parameter to match anything. Greater than, less than, or a combination of both for: size, date (age), number of files (in folders), number of seeders. - Keep track of when files where shared. Useful to search for new files from a user.

The maintainer is shutting the server down. He was looking for someone else to maintain the project and I don’t think he found anybody. When I used it, it didn’t connect because the bootstrap server was down and he had to turn it on. So going forward, and without no-one doing that, there’s probably no way to connect to the network. Also I didn’t found anything when I used it. It’s I2P over gnutella network and has swarming, but I guess it’s slow because of the onion routing and it didn’t gain traction.

3 stars. It leaks memory. If you queue more than 100 or so files for download it closes randomly, even with 16GB ram. Download is very slow. You can only search for single files. Can’t browse most user shares either. Good for finding old/rare media.

1 star. You can only search for single files. Can’t browse users folders either. I’ve tried to add a folder but it didn’t find any files. I haven’t used it after that. Has swarming? I don’t know

0 stars. It’s supposed to work on wine, I could run it but couldn’t share anything. I think this would be my favorite if it was native and worked.