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A childhood favourite series of mine. Wonder if anyone else here has played it?

Yeah, it really is the UI that does the job. A UI that truncates posts >500 characters behind a “show more” button already gets you closer to a microblogging platform.

The official specs say the battery will last 2-8h, but the overlay estimates say 1,5-6h. According to the performance overlay, it can’t get to 7h on the main menu. On all of the three units I’ve had. Battery life on Steam Deck isn’t its strength for sure, though it’s still enough for me and likely most others.

I still wonder why Pleroma had to be forked. Now the development is mostly around Akkoma, apparently.

Decided to post anyway as I felt I needed to set the record straight and this was the article available.

Latest information seems to suggest it was a stray anti-air missiles from Ukraine. Very unfortunate, very awkward.

How long until mainstream media starts talking about Mastodon as well? Goddamn European Union has an account in the network already.

I’ve been playing bots pretty much exclusively for a few years, so this excludes me. Either way, it’s a nice gesture considering TI battle pass is usually extremely greedy times for hats in general and I tend to take a break from DotA because of it for the duration TI.

I’ve been meaning to continue learning FF XIV. It does however seem like finding a group that doesn’t use Discord is pretty much impossible, and I’m in the process of deleting my account there. Maybe I’ll power through the story and then quit.

“We have no allies including Canada, UK, Israel and Australia with such a unique security partnership as the Saudis, providing them with ownership and local manufacturing capability of our most sensitive strategic weapons,” he said, adding that the arrangements began in 2017, under the Trump administration.

My strategy has been to just go through the list of album reviews on pitchfork and try 2-3 songs from each. Write down the ones I think could grown on me.

Still looking for a review site with no numbered ratings.

For some reason Lemmy wasn’t able to get the full title and it ended with “Will it force Apple to kill”. Guess it would’ve been funny had I not caught it.

I can’t believe Putin and the gang stand victoriously on stage, chanting “Russia! Russia! Russia!” as simultaneously they lose yet another key city and their “operation” is in the deepest shit it has ever been. This in addition to the hilarity of annexing territories they don’t even control yet.

There are some aspects about these retro shooters that you really don’t see in modern titles.

“I know your position on the conflict in Ukraine, the concerns that you constantly express,” Putin said. “We will do everything to stop this as soon as possible.”

A bit telling.

While very interesting, I wonder if this belongs in c/news?

Sometimes it’s also difficult to realize that your own behavior is actually problematic instead of just not vibing with someone. People generally won’t point these out to you and instead seek other people to be friends with.

It’s not just the whataboutism. It’s the deliberate mischaracterization of Finnish involvement in WW2. But the fact that Finland did fight alongside Nazi Germany against the USSR, even if for very different objectives, is enough to form an effective propaganda bludgeon.