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Interesting idea: Instead of using solar to heat water to heat your building, heat a container of sand...which can store more heat, and keep heating the water overnight.

IIRC ActivityPub has a client-server API too, but hardly anyone implements it.

Ivory and, not yet
"As Mastodon becomes more popular, it’s important that stays true to its blogging roots and unique take on social media, rather than shifting to be a Twitter or Mastodon clone. We don’t need a monoculture with all apps looking exactly the same."

Interesting approach: Manipulate data that you know is going to be used to train AIs in a way that makes it easier to identify future AI-generated content.

WaPo: Various ways you can replace Twitter, depending on how you use it now
Keeping up with news? Use a news aggregator instead. Professional networking? LinkedIn etc. Socializing with people you already know? Signal, WhatsApp and so on. Entertainment? Newsletters. (Note: This is a "gifted" link that should bypass the paywall.)

Pinterest I get, it’s all about images, or the gaming sites … but for Reddit, a primarily text based collection of links and comments, to use that much energy takes some serious effort.

Of course you can see that effort just by trying to take a quick look at one thread, and seeing everything else it pulls into the page.

I use LiberaPay and OpenCollective more or less interchangeably, depending on which one the project mentions on their own site.

Off to join the great ActiveX control in the sky