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It’s not exactly a political instance, but of course everyone is antifascist. The main political users refer to the European Pirate party (not the Italian one), but everyone is welcome to discuss his political vision, unless it’s a racist/authoritarian/bigot/fascit one. I’m very happy to know feddit exist and that lemmy platform is spreading :)

Meh, on android the major clients are conversation and conversation’s forks. Those are OK, but not modern or feauture rich by any mean

It’s really better to NOT start this discussion again, it always bring to flame. You just need to know that GrapheneOS is a good product and developers are really good at their job in maintaining it. And still calyx, lineage, and /e/ are great product too that a lot of people can safely and happily use. Just don’t follow internet drama and use what you want to use

It’s magic earth, a maps app

The only app is magic earth, a maps app. It has a great privacy policy, tho, and works very well. You can use whatever you want, of course

Antisemitic post and spam
Today I noticed dozen of antisemitic posts and a lot of microdosing posts that look like spam (not completely sure but looks like it) on the "homepage". I think this is concerning, since this can easily bring unwanted attention to Lemmy and could be used against it (and it is really disturbing to see). I report every post, but I don't know how much effective my actions are. Do you think this problem can be solved?

Maybe sarcasm can be subtle, but expression like “we’re back [common synonymous of sex-workers]” are often used not in an offensive way. And there still are a lot of contexts where I can choose to use a word to prove a point or talk about something. IMHO words shouldn’t be banned without context

I’m not a fan of slur filter. IMHO words aren’t the problem, the context is. I could use a word to describe a problem or to link a paper, in a sarcastic way, as a slang, or to make examples for something else. I don’t think just banning some words will solve any problem, this should at least be opt-out, and I really think a different way to check for offensive content need to be found.

Anyway: keep up the good work! Lemmy seems an awesome project and I really hope this will grow