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Finally, a good guy with a gun stopped bad guys with guns. Is this what the NRA has been talking about all this time?

Please don’t suck up bandwidth on Tor with torrents.

Surprised they don’t direct you to police stations so you can turn yourself in…that’s probably coming.

Manufacturing 50k of item ‘A’ but only 5k of item ‘B’ means you can sell item ‘A’ for less because of lower manufacturing costs?

Parliment is the threat to public safety. They should keep it closed.

StartPage was purchased by System1, a US ad-tech firm. Might want to keep an eye out for any policy changes.

If you go to McDonalds or Starbucks, you are using goods created with prison labor.

Not doing something because you are dead as broke is not a principle. One person leaving a large tip is still playing into a system designed to exploit workers, mostly women.

If you leave the door open to allow one group to be disadvantaged, you leave it open for all.

So, you refuse to enter restaurants that do not pay their staff a living wage? If you do go to restaurants, then you believe that less than minimum wage is acceptable “in some cases” and are being hypocritical. If you accept goods and services created with prison labor then you accept wage exception and are being hypocritical. As a society, if we accept one exception, then we accept all exceptions. https://blog.globaltel.com/companies-use-prison-labor/

If you are okay with waitstaff and prisoners being underpaid then you will be okay with others suffering the same fate.

Due to popular demand,. Tesla is changing the name of the Model 3 to Pinto.

A good percentage of waitpersons in the country are working below minimim wage so there is precedent for this type of carve-out to labor laws. Prisons are chock full of exploited workers with no labor rights. If the intellectually challenged are to be treated equally then they should have every right to be grossly exploited like the rest of them.

That is a huge ‘IF’ given that most current unions actively work against their members and for the corpirations.

Having done the same to my little plot, my biggest problem is snails. Buggers are everywhere and snail poo is surprisingly adhesive when it comes to the outside of my house. My friend said to get some chickens, who apparently love escargot, but the neighbors already give me the evil eye.

They need to do the same for EVs before that gets out of hand.

Trying to find an active Socialist group ln the US is like deciding whether to join the Peoples Front of Judea or the Judea Peoples Front. The DSA congressional members all voted to send $40b to Ukraine so you should have something against them. Since the Great Red Purge of the '50s, the only significant socialist group has been the Black Panthers. If there is a large college campus near you, try looking for socialist meetings there or Marx reading groups. You could look for an active Socialist Altenative or Socialist Equality Party meet-up if you’re in a large city. Hate to be a glass half empty person but an organized left just doesn’t exist in the US so you’ll have to be in the vanguard.

This is a travel advisery. The CDC and State Department issue these things all the time and are mostly ignored. Mention mask and the CDC in the same sentence and everyone’s hair bursts into flames.

The only CDC Level 3 Alert is currently for Venezuela due to Covid-19 where they have had 5,500 deaths to the US’s 1 million+. Seems safer in Venezuela.

Whenever I think about the DC January 6th House Party, I try to think of a single 'murikkkan leftist leader who could motivate people to invade the Congressional building and I always come up with bupkis. Say what you will about Trump, he can motivate a crowd to frenzy. Where is the American Chavez?

Where I live, riding a bike is a death wish. Right-of-way is based on vehicle size with bikes and pedestrians having the lowest ranking. I’d love to ride a bike but I’m not suicidal.

Fedora Sellout
I never bother with themes and such so I typically use whatever Fedora serves up. I am having trouble seeing the current FW36 iteration of GTK themes so thought I'd look for an altenative. I wandered into Settings/Appearance and was shocked to see the Ukraine colors in the default backgrounds. My first notice of IBM starting to flex their control.

Anyone on the ground have the straight sklnny on the Freedom Movement Party and Robert Golob? I've seen descriptions from centrist to liberal to flaming socialist.

The US government has officially admitted that it will lie as policy. The Ministry of Truth has arrived.