2022 Alleged Kiwi Farms Swattings On Keffals and Marjorie Taylor Greene
Alleged Kiwi Farms Swattings On Keffals and Marjorie Taylor Greene refers to two highly publicized swattings perpetrated in August 2022 on prominent trans Twitch streamer and YouTuber Keffals and conservative Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, both of whom stated they believed the swattings were perpetrated by members of lolcow gossip forum Kiwi Farms. The swattings caused both women to call for the closing of Kiwi Farms, and the forum suffered from poor performance in the wake of the incidents. Though unconfirmed to be linked to Kiwi Farms, speculation swirled online around the events as some theorized the swatting of Greene may have been perpetrated by someone attempting to get the site shut down.

og article title; “2022 Alleged Kiwi Farms Swattings On Keffals and Marjorie Taylor Greene”



That article is a good rundown for someone who isn’t really on track with Internet drama. If the discussion on Kiwi Farms remained at the level of celebrity gossip, there wouldn’t be a problem. However, the site has loose moderation and a spirit of free speech absolutism, which is exploited by malicious trolls. This creates a space where extensive stalking is encouraged. Someone doxxes a lolcow, and harassment happens, which gets brushed off with plausible deniability, or that it cannot be directly pinpointed at Kiwi Farms. Things get off the rails and it seems that this is a tipping point. The site is a mess with toxic user base, nothing of value would be lost if it disappeared.

These dramas are very high effort entertainment.


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