The Japanese man who gets paid to 'do nothing' – BBC REEL
Shoji Morimoto provides a very unusual rental service to his clients in Tokyo, hiring himself out in order to, quite literally, do nothing. He has fashioned a career out of renting himself out to clients who simply don't want to be alone. Shoji doesn't engage in conversation or do anything other than just be there at whatever event or activity he has been hired to attend, and yet he is in high demand, scheduling one to three sessions a day. Video by Terushi Sho Narration by Dan John - - - - - Subscribe to BBC Reel: More videos: #bbc #bbcreel #bbcnews
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  1. We’re trying to improving working conditions and pay.

  2. We’re trying to reduce the numbers of hours a person has to work.

  3. We talk about the end of paid work being mandatory for survival.


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