Edit: round robin, not an even number that is easily divisible into a bracket. Each person is playing 2 games, finals might be 3 games


  • Feel free to gentleman gentlecoin to whatever rules you want. But i’d recommend allow 1 undo each, especially if you’re both inexperienced. If you’re experienced and the person you’re playing against is inexperienced, consider giving them more undos.

  • Best of 1

  • in my experience lichess works best if you register, but not required though clearing your cookies will break the game iirc!!!

  • Both people have to report who won here.

  • Dont cheat ex by having a grandmaster computer play for you

  • Do at least 1 move a day


  • I’m down to bet an imaginary currency like ! or cat girls or what have you. 1v1 me sib!

Would be cool if you upload your match so we can see what happened!


tournament note for self; Straightpeach won in 42 moves

New: sub engorgement continues, cross post all creative Original fediverse Content to this sub: use the letters OC in the beginning of the title. Ex, art, poems, OC memes from the latest movies etc.

c/fedizens highlights interesting interactions that span multiple fediverse (+ matrix) platforms AND methods to grow the fediverse (which includes lemmy)

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