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Everyday is a new day and there are new potentially low hanging fruit to radicalize - what about cryptobros?

Judging from the subreddit, a lot of them are banking their 1000$ oncrypto to try to get a better standard of living. 1000$ and only a 1000 and they had to save up for months/weeks to have that amount of expendable cash.

Libertarians like things like entrepreneurship and venture capitalism eh? What about… like venture leftism? Tell them starting up a union is like being a business owner! (union bosses make a lot more money than regular workers right?).

Venture neighborhood community pod might be harder since they’re not making much money from that. But something like “youre so dashing charismatic, instead of using your money, you use your charisma to build an organization and then put that on your resume and apply to be a ceo. Plus women dig that.”

I’m not sure how to try to appeal to them properly, or how to even go about contacting them in an effective manner (ex a self post on r/cryptocurrency?)


For context this is the worst the cryptomarket has been since 2018, so if someone has a plan, it’s a golden opportunity.

I don’t like to admit this, but I was briefly into crypto a couple years ago. I had gotten myself into a lot of debt and was desperate to find some way to get ahead. After feeling very stupid about falling for a scam I immediately started reading Marx.


I’m glad you found a better path and that I’m onto something!

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