Nothing says freedom like riding a bike in the middle of winter to reduce your carbon footprint by, 0.00000000000000000000000001% At least when I have to pay for the MOT on my car I know my tire won’t fall off its axis, and that people who couldn’t be bothered to repair their car don’t put everyone else in danger.

Lol, if anyone in some green urbanization or community against cars is telling you that you should use a bike to go everywhere is stupid, actually that argument is usually used by liberals to contradict people who think we should be using trains because “everyone can make a change.” That’s not who it should work, and it fact what we should be doing is exactly how it’s done in China, and it works. There are efficient railroad throughout the city so that if you need to move big distances you do that, and what the train can’t cover (it also wouldn’t be efficient to have railroads everywhere) you do it on public bicycles. But using this shitty argument to defend cars is pathetic.


I agree with you, that tramlines and public transport are great, but it suffers from the same problems that taking the bus suffers from, the fact that tickets usually only work in one state/county, and you need to know the timetables. I think that the benefits of tramlines are there, but more people value the spontaneous use of a car whenever they want over, highly efficient inter-city public transport. (My bus card that I use daily, only works in my county, but if the government had a system for cross-county travel then it wouldn’t be an issue.)

This community exists as a sister community/copycat community to the r/fuckcars subreddit.

This community exists for the following reasons:

  • to raise awareness around the dangers, inefficiencies and injustice that can come from car dependence.
  • to allow a place to discuss and promote more healthy transport methods and ways of living.

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