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Some local drug dealers and addicts use signal and I def don’t want them having my phone number.

If you want temporary solution, use XMPP. You can use a username instead of a phone number. You can create private and public chats

Wanting privacy’s understandable, but I don’t get why people have to add ‘drug addicts’.

People smoking a heroine spliff aren’t gonna do drugs at your house.

not currently, they do seem to be actively working on adding usernames but who knows how long that will take

Afaik there is a build flag in the source code for Signal not to share your number in group chats but that has been there for quite some time. The Signal team really takes its time on this one…


Cross compatible with signal? Like how Lemmy and Mastodon federate?

nope signal is proprietary and cross compatibility would likely compromise their security

@thursday_j No bit you don’t need phone number or email , you get a random id and that’s your username, the app work on the oxen network I attached the link of the app and the network if you are interest.



Helix 🧬

Get a burner phone number?

I did that. I lost the burner number after it got rotated. Months later, I lost my Signal account when someone apparently used the number to setup an account on Signal.

You can lock your signal account with a password/code so that can’t happen


No. Use matrix, where you can have several accounts.

I recently heard about Databag. It’s a decentralized and federated end to end encrypted messaging service. It could help with the issue. As long as you have or know someone who could run a node on some server space or even a rasberry pi

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