BTW do we have any subs about fediverse/lemmy/privacy promotion?

Change wifi name to x

Chalk ads on sidewalks

Set up a free public booth and hand out food samples and pamphlets

Make song/art about fediverse

Cold emailing celebrities about x

x related shirt

Yelp reviews that are mostly positive and that “it would be nice if they had x”

holiday greeting cards

In bookstores, put privacy books in more relevant spots

When eating out, ask about their social medias, recommend x

Bumper sticker or paper printout inside of car with links

Facebook status, if have a fb

I used to live in a city with a big university library I went to often. Sometimes I left notes or hints in books I liked. Maybe one could leave a list of local instances or a pamphlet about how one can and should host their own in some admin or linux books.



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