For the purposes of this cmv, I’ll be talking about the US legislature, as it’s the flavor of corruption I’m most familiar with.

Lobbying with money has only served to hurt the American people, if you need to pay legislators to pass or deny a law with money, chances are you’re not asking them to vote with their conscience, only their greed.

A good example is the tobacco lobbyists paying huge amounts of money to state legislatures to cover up the enormous health risks caused by smoking in 1999. Their efforts to keep lung cancer and other health risks out of public service announcements continue to this day. the federal level%2C the,Senate%2C and our Federal Agencies.

Another good example is how tax filing software companies like TurboTax pour money into Congress to prevent intuitive tax filing laws from being passed

Lobbying with bribes in governments can only serve to hurt its people, and should be illegalized. Unfortunately, the only legal way to prevent lobbying would require the people getting lobbied to to ban it, which I don’t see happening for obvious reasons.


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