NixOS 22.05 released
Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce the general availability of NixOS 22.05 and nixpkgs 22.05, both codenamed “Quokka”! Important links: Release announcement Release notes Upgrade instructions Downloads This is of course not my work, I am just the one who pushed the branch 😉 The release was supported by 1611 contributors who made 46727 commits. The release announcement contains more numbers and details that I will not repeat here. A highlight of the release is Nix 2.8, which brings...

calamares make nixos install easy

I have been meaning to give Nix another try. Last time I did, it was an absolute pain in the ass to do anything that broke one of its assumptions.

I’ve been a nixos user for years, out of curiosity what was it you tried that was a PITA?

The package language has a bizarre syntax/semantic that is unlike pretty much every language I’ve touched. The reliance on directly linking to specific paths in the nix store meant that precompiled binaries that expect a standard path won’t work on Nix. There are tools to adjust those paths, but the package I was attempting to work with (Apache Directory Studio) wasn’t playing nice with them for whatever reason. I finally gave up and made a Flatpak.

I also had problems with it, but after an upgrade it works pretty well.

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