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It's time to celebrate! Thanks to a generous benefactor, we now have the means to make the service go public again. We have an excess of bandwidth and storage that should be enough for a few years. Registration is now open again but requires an email address. The old token

does it run on EMS?


Hi there, admin here. Perthchat is currently hosted at UCC and deployed using this popular Ansible playbook:

More information about the service can be found at:

FediLore + Fedidrama
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Chronicle the life and tale of the fediverse (+ matrix)

Largely a sublemmy about capturing drama, from fediverse spanning drama to just lemmy drama.

Includes lore like how a instance got it’s name, how an instance got defederated, how an admin got doxxed, fedihistory etc

This sub’s intentions is to an archive, as in preferably don’t follow the links and get into fights with the original posters.

Tags: fediverse news, lemmy news, lemmyverse


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