Creators who upload frequently can’t use a non self hosted instance for long, because most of the instance have like 5 gb limits. It’s pretty easy to upload over 5 gb of footage.

What do creators have to do if they’re not making enough/any revenue but want to upload more than 5 gb of content?

It could be a good idea to be able to selfhost only your content. Something like having a torrent client with your peertube account linked that could seed all your videos.

If you have good content many servers will gladly give you more than 5gb of space

I could see instances appear that charge a fee to be used by content creators, but in exchange offer a lot more storage.

Vegafjord eo

I think peertube shouldnt be a platform for regular uploading of content. It takes up too much resources. Instead we should play to our strength to low resource solutions.

For video sharing, I think it would be better to focus on filesharing (offline and online).

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