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So, recently while reading about the problem of employers in Canada refusing to advertise wages or salaries in job advertisements, I had a thought. The way this changes is by having applicants stand up for themselves and demand to see wages before interviewing. However, even in a job market that is as good for employees as we have currently in Canada, this is still hard to do if you need a job, because 90% of employers will still tell you to get fucked. The solution? My new idea of job application praxis.

So what is job application praxis? Well, my original idea was to simply start applying for jobs, both relevant to my own field and even other fields, as it’s not illegal to write a fake resume to send to a business, and demand to see a salary before taking an interview. And then I started thinking more, and realized the much broader changes you could impact through this.

While changing the status quo so jobs advertise their pay scale from the start would be nice, why stop there? If they refuse, continue the interview, and if they agree to hire you? Reject the offer because the pay is too low. You already have a job so you lose nothing, but now they just had a viable candidate tell them they aren’t paying enough, pressuring them to raise pay. Hell, you don’t need the job, might as well ask if they can do a four day work week, and then tell the employer you won’t take the job if you can’t do a four day work week.

And then I was talking with a friend, and we realized that it doesn’t even need to end at the interview. If the circumstances are right, and you get a good offer, take the job. Wait what? Yeah, take the job, and then tell everyone there the rate they are offering you, a new guy, while they have been given 12c raises every year. This promotes salary transparency, and shows employees that they are being taken advantage of by their employer despite their loyalty.

The other benefit to this? I mean, if you hate your job you may as well do this, and if you wind up getting some great offer with a 4 day work week, we’ll you just found yourself a better job!

So the possibilities of this are pretty wide, especially if lots of people start doing this.

-Applying for jobs is a drag
-Fairly time consuming

-Applying for jobs doesn’t suck as much if you’re already employed
-Promotes publicized wage rates
-Promotes higher wages
-Fairly time consuming for employers
-Can promote more progressing benefits in the workplace

So that’s my pitch. Let me know other ideas you might have, and start job hunting in your area!

  1. We’re trying to improving working conditions and pay.

  2. We’re trying to reduce the numbers of hours a person has to work.

  3. We talk about the end of paid work being mandatory for survival.


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