nothin personelle anarkid This isn't canon but it also kind of is Centricide 4 coming Sunday

defence, walls and walls of defence. Capitalism will never die in one fell swoop. There must be action taken to protect from invasion from inside and outside. Create defense agencies, militarize as much as viable (not as much as possible, you only need defense), and remove those who would tear apart the successful revolution for self gain or have worked against you before to do just that. Educate the population, a class-conscious society is the only one that can have even a semblance of a working democracy. Build up infrastructure in every sector possible. Collectivize agriculture to eat. sign in formal government laws. Build a society.

the revolution is just the first step.


“Remove those who would tear apart the successful revolution.” Well I hope it goes better than the French Revolution, but people get emotional and overreact so there will probably be death.

The good news is that way before the anarkids get it, the rich will get their commupence and without looking at the flowers.

I think there are a million things we can focus on now that are far more important than hypothetical situations that are so far away.

planning is important

When did I say it wasn’t? I’m just saying planning this far ahead strikes me as as something privileged people like to do, when there are far more important issues. Why think 1000 steps ahead when we aren’t even 100 steps in?

If there was a wildfire and people were trying to figure out how to escape, would it make sense in that moment to ask people what their plan is 5 years from now?

I never said planning wasn’t important and I can’t stand this trend of putting words in peoples’ mouths and relying on a completely fabricated assumption. But yes, thank you so much for informing me that planning is important.


When did I say it wasn’t?

To play devils brain dead advocate

When did Catraism-Stalinism say that you said planning isn’t important?


I see! Sorry I sort of jumped the gun on that one.

Are you an Anarchist? The answer might surprise you!


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