as far as ive seen replacing a cishet male ceo with a non-cishet male basically has 0 benefit. The situations remain just as exploitative.

Why do people (non lemmings) think this will work?

For certain marginalized folks, representation is so meaningful that they might be comforted to see someone like them holding a lot of power. It can represent the overcoming of major social setbacks. It’s much like how the presidency of Barack Obama was a great source of pride for some Black people (e.g. Black excellence) regardless of the atrocities he enabled.

It’s deeply misguided (speaking as a minority, in more ways than one) and deeply hurtful to think that someone like you amassing immense individual power is an indication of progress. But that’s one big emotional reason.

whats enraging to me is that its just them upholding the exact same power structures that injure us all. I don’t care if a black lesbian is the leader of the democratic party or the president of the US. She’d still be President of the USA, and the democrats have not done anything to really change their imperialist policies. It is not freeing to have mascots of “minority power” used to continue the oppression that they suffered. They are traitors. CEOs are part of the upper class and not our ally, no matter how much of a minority they are.


thanks for this!

I’ve yet to meet anyone who thinks we can fix capitalism by replacing CEOs who are men with women.

However, I’ve met plenty of people who think addressing issues like workplace harassment and sexism can improve by having more diverse workplaces, which can include women who are CEOs.

Very few people, if any, believe capitalism will be “fixed” by merely swapping out men who are CEOs with women.

Sorry, I have. People genuinely believe that having more diverse people in these positions will just change what they do. Like electing obama made many actually think we had defeated racism, all while he increased police spending and was lenient to the private prison industry.

Yes, and how many of the people who thought Obama was a sign of racial progress in the USA also believed he would “fix” capitalism? The two are completely separate things. The overwhelming majority of Obama supporters quite openly supported capitalism.


My bad, i mean more so what Catraism-Stalinism said below

  1. We’re trying to improving working conditions and pay.

  2. We’re trying to reduce the numbers of hours a person has to work.

  3. We talk about the end of paid work being mandatory for survival.


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