It’s just meta on lemmy.

Comrade in essence = person i like

normie (according to some lemmings) = person i dislike


I think that’s a misinterpretation of ‘normie’.

‘Normie’ is a contracted version of a term/slur most likely invented on (at the very least, popularized by) /r9k/, a community with large amounts of social outcasts with a strong disdain for normal people who could fit into society. It’s not ‘person I dislike’, it’s ‘a normal person’ said by people who dislike them. Then it leaked into the mainstream though memes and probably lost a bit of intensity as people who, ironically, are normies tried to call other more popular people normies as a way to try and fit in or to self-deprecate. A similar phenomenon is the Chad meme which was recuperated by people who didn’t understand the irony in the format, Chad was never a compliment. Originally Chad Thundercock and later Stacy were the two ‘alpha’ people who were brain-dead, normal, confident and popular high-school/college people who had tons of sex. It was a term for many years before that Virgin/Chad meme.

There’s an old saying that if you say ‘normie’ instead of the proper term, you are one.

My point being, it is (or at least was) an EXTREMELY exclusionary term. “You’re normal, you aren’t one of us. You are not welcome here.”

Comrade has a few meanings (colleague, ally, fellow soldier) but I’m guessing you mean it in the sense of socialists and workers addressing comrades. It is an inclusionary term. You are part of this movement, you are a fellow worker. I even see it used by socialists when talking to non-socialists or people they disagree with, “Workers of the World, Unite”, you are a fellow proletarian and we are united in our struggle despite disagreement.

Maybe I’m focusing too much on actual meanings or in other communities rather than how people are using them on Lemmy, I haven’t actually seen either come up at all there personally.

Furthermore, how is ‘person I like’ exclusionary? Maybe if some ignorant jerk says “you are not my comrade”, but that’s just negating an inclusionary term. “You are not allied with my political vision.”

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