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This is a place to post jokes. Whether they are “dad jokes”, puns or another form of text-based comedy! # Rules: * Pure text posts are preferred. * No “memes”. Jokes should be text-based. * With the exception of one-liners, the punchline should be in the post and not the title. * No NSFW content. * Jokes must be in good taste. No hate speech, bigotry, etc.
Union of Novelty Subs & Users
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A novelty account is one made for a specific purpose/type of comment. For instance, badwatercolor makes bad watercolor. Their usernames are exactly what they are.

A novelty subreddit is easier to define as what it’s not. It’s not for ‘useful/objective topics’ like ! or science. A great example would be this sub or like Ask ouija. Less good examples are ask lemmy.

Can also feature novelty instances, but none exist at the moment nor are forecasted to existed.

When you find a novelty account/sub that is not specifically troll/spam related, share it here. The sub should be newish or have some sign of life.

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