Ukraine fighting to stop ‘a new iron curtain’ after Russian invasion
President Zelenskiy calls on Ukrainians to defend country as Russia claims to have neutralised its airbases and air defencesRussia-Ukraine crisis: live updates

I don’t understand what the endgame is supposed to be here. In order to achieve its stated goals (demilitarization, denazification, catching their list of enemies), Russia needs to occupy (which they said they won’t, which makes no sense). There’s no way Ukraine’s govt can agree to or implement these demands.

So Russia will in fact need to occupy Ukraine and install a puppet govt. But how the are they ever going to get out of there ever again? That new government will get removed as soon as they leave.

So long term occupation it has to be, which will be a total disaster and that’s on top of the sanctions. Russia just fucked itself, no? How does any of this make sense?


It is not Russia’s interest to occupy Ukraine, imo. Ukraine is a massive country with tens of millions of people, many of which do not want this invasion. Russia’s best interest is to pressure Ukraine to surrender and fulfill their demands. The more territory and important places Russia takes, the more pressure that puts on Ukraine. Occupation is the worst case scenario, but I hope it won’t come to that.

Installing a puppet government isn’t the only solution. I think Russia’s best chance is to weaken Ukraine’s army and its military infrastructure, and then enforce a federalist rule in Ukraine. This will give more power to the pro-Russian parts of Ukraine, and make it more difficult for Ukraine to be one big United country against Russia.

It seems like a rolling advertisement to join NATO. “Got a kleptomaniac neighbor with a penchant for invasion? Call 1-800-GET-NATO today!” Internal tension in Russia must be pretty high in order to justify this cluster.

Russia will not allow NATO virus to get installed in Ukraine, and let USA create tensions whenever they want. The existing chaos is already there because some unknown elements magically installed Nazism in there, and it totally has nothing to do with the 2 month old UN resolution vote on condemning Nazism, proposed by 16 countries. It is magical that 2 unknown countries voted no, and most of EU abstained from voting.

I know all that. That doesn’t answer how this is supposed to work at all.

That does answer, and I see far too many pro NATO apologists ratio-ing me.

Any moment now we will get people jumping in the comments section saying this: buT It’s jUsTiafied BecUAse NatO

If you are defending invasions like this you are just a propagandist


While we shouldn’t support a Russian war on Ukraine, we should also oppose Ukraine’s war on Donbass and NATO expansionism. If you only have problem with one of those, that would be hypocritical.

By rolling the military in

Wtf, are you serious?


Ukraine has waged war on Luhansk for years despite the Minsk protocol where they recognized the autonomy of Luhansk

Serious about?

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