GrapheneOS is something you want to stay away from. Recently they screamed hoax about a CP spammer in their chats from CalyxOS community, and how he got a swatting attempt from them. He has presented no evidence of it, it has been a week now.

This developer has issues and has lied a dozen of times at this point about various things in the past years.

I am a mod of c/privacy at main Lemmy instance, and his group chat mods did this against me last year, similarly threatening with Canadian police stuff. Also forgot to mention how they hijacked the Lemmy c/privacy Matrix room, banned me off and repurposed it for instance. Admins did not help me against that Yayannick traitor and those GrapheneOS minions.

Also, he and his acolytes have called Bromite and FlorisBoard developers very colourful epithets.

The Bromite drama stems from a CalyxOS developer submitting a PR for Bromite. Since Daniel hates CalyxOS with a passion, it gets pretty messy. Pop some popcorn, then see these links:

The Florisboard drama was caused by the Florisboard developer backing out of their partnership due to Daniel’s weird behavior when it came to Bromite:


The text is discussing negative experiences with a developer of GrapheneOS, who has been accused of lying and unethical behavior. There are also mentions of conflicts with other developers and instances of hijacking chat rooms.


FediLore + Fedidrama
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Chronicle the life and tale of the fediverse (+ matrix)

Largely a sublemmy about capturing drama, from fediverse spanning drama to just lemmy drama.

Includes lore like how a instance got it’s name, how an instance got defederated, how an admin got doxxed, fedihistory etc

(New) This sub’s intentions is to an archive/newspaper, as in preferably don’t get into fights with each other or the ppl featured in the drama

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