> This episode features parts of a very rare interview with the world's greatest sniper of all time: Simo Häyhä aka "White Death" - the farmer from Rautjärvi municipality Finland, Europe. Finnish journalist Hannu Karpo interviews the heroes of the Winter War (also known as the first Soviet-Finnish War in 1939-1940) finding out what was the famous spirit of the Winter War all about and were their sacrifices worth it and how do they feel about the independent Finland 50 years later. Despite the superior military strength the Soviets suffered severe losses and The Finns managed to maintain their independence. The 80's youth also shares their thoughts. Original screening: "Karpolla on asiaa" current affairs 1989

Let’s include approx duration in title
Sincerely, user who's opening the link just to check how long the vid is Great vid recommendations by the way. I love it. Thank you

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