cross-posted from: > Was scrolling through my forums and came across this discussion on simplex chat, for an request for end to end encrypted offline bluetooth messaging. I thought this was a great feature but the **developer will only consider if people vote. So take a vote! **

Researchers at ETH Zurich have developd and successfully tested a new smartphone architecture called TEEtime. It mitigates the risk of censorship and avoids client-side scanning completely. The researchers hope their work leads to a change in the public perception of the smartphone ecosystem.

"AI, pretend that you are the command prompt inside a linux machine..." My mind is thoroughly boggled, it's just simulations all the way down.

Difference Between Laser Engraver and Ordinary Engraver
To understand the difference between ordinary engraving machines and [Sculpfun]( laser engraving machines, we must first understand what is ordinary engraving machine and [laser engraver]( Ordinary engraving machine refers to the equipment that uses the cutter on the engraving machine to cut and engrave materials; [Sculpfun S10]( laser engraverrefers to the equipment that uses the melting, evaporation, and photochemical reactions generated by the laser beam on the surface of the material to make the surface of the material cloudy and achieve the desired pattern. Of course they have other differences: sculpfun s10 The Degree Of Precision Is Different In terms of engraving precision, the precision of [Sculpfun S9]( laser engraving is higher than that of tool engraving, because the diameter of the light source for laser engraving is small, and the tool engraving itself has a certain width. Therefore, in addition to the quality of the machine itself, the precision requirements of the tool are also included. Different Carving Materials In the selection of engraving materials, laser engraving is difficult to carry out deep engraving on metal materials, and can only carry out coating engraving on the metal surface. The knife engraving machine can carry out a certain depth of engraving and even cutting. The Working Principle Is Different Ordinary engraving machines use tools to process materials, and laser engraving machines use lasers to process materials. The Application Is Different Ordinary engraving machines are mainly used for woodworking furniture, large-scale wood reliefs, stone carving machines, wood instrument cutting and engraving, etc. The [Sculpfun S30 Pro Max]( laser engraver is mainly used in the identification industry, sheet metal processing, auto parts, medical equipment, etc. The structure of the laser engraving machine includes carbon dioxide laser, control board, control panel, fixture, flat workbench, optical path system and water cooling system. Compared with mechanical engraving machines, laser engraving machines use lasers to cut equipment. There is still a big difference between a mechanical engraver and a laser engraver. Those who have used both of these engraving machines should be very aware of the difference between them. For details, you can go to the HTPOW website to learn about and purchase machines.

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