Are lakes just permanent floods?
How long does an area have to be flooded for before it's considered a body of water?

You (the reader) and me should make a cryptobro blog but about left things ex:
I'm not the most familiar with crypto bro speak but something like: "What's up Alpha Sigma men, today we're gonna make the global rental prices TANK. I've diverted my BREAD investment portfolio into the Chilean peso protest 2022 because they are raiding a LAMBO Lithium mine" The background of the blog would be the global price of bread inflation vs wage growth.

The scoring mechanism on Lemmy is addictive
I can't read a news article anymore without thinking of how many upvotes I'd get if I posted it to Lemmy. People are fucking dying. I suppose the scoring mechanism is a way to distinguish higher-quality posts from lower-quality ones, but I also wonder whether "humane" social media like Lemmy blindly adopts techniques from mainstream social media that serves to increase engagement and profit. I wonder what a radical anticapitalist rethinking of social media would look like.

If you don't live paycheck to paycheck, people who do will try to pressure you into increasing your expenditure.
cross-posted from: > A shower thought that I noticed in my life. > > Which makes it very difficult to talk to coworkers about how much I earn

C/world News is low-key a war zone
Leming on lemming action

Planet of the apes 5: revenge of the monkeypox
The monkeypox demands blood

Random thoughts: Why are we heating tap water so hot if we almost never use tap water that hot?
cross-posted from: > I don't know about anyone else, but I pretty much never use my faucets on the hottest temperature. In fact, I can't, because it's really painful and I'm pretty sure can cause actual burns if you hold it for long enough. For bathing and hand washing, I typically turn the faucet to anywhere from the half to two thirds hot point, any more and it's uncomfortable. > > Which got me thinking, why is domestic hot water that hot to begin with? Why are we spending energy to heat it to a point where we can't comfortably and safely use it without cooling it back down with cold water? Wouldn't it make more sense to heat it to no more than a comfortable showering temperature, and just use the faucet on full hot water? Not only would we be using less energy in the water heater (and less CO2 emissions if you're using a gas water heater or an electric water heater with the electricity from a nonrenewable source) less hot water would also lose less heat in the pipes and water heater itself, because the rate of thermal energy loss is directionally proportional to the temperature difference between the hot and cold regions. And water heating is one of the biggest energy consumers in the residential setting, so reducing it would be pretty significant. > > And, if the water pressure in your home fluctulates a lot, by avoiding the water mixing step, you avoid the issue of the cold water pressure suddenly dropping and the temperature at the faucet spiking and burning you (I lived in a university dorm with really unstable water pressure, and it was a constant problem). You also avoid that thing where you turn your faucet too far to the hot side because the water in the pipe is cold, and then having to adjust it a hundred times to maintain a comfortable temperature as the cold water in the pipe is flushed out. > > Most water heaters let you turn the water temperature down pretty low, so there's no real technical reason you can't just have it make "kind of hot but not scorching water". And in the rare times where you do need really hot water, you can always just boil some on the stove, and still save energy overall because you won't have to do it very often. > > What do you think? Should this be a change worth making? Any drawbacks that I'm not thinking of?

Smite doesn't have jesus or mohammed in it but has hindu gods
lame he should have some kind of zombie revival mechanism where you have to wait 3 mins then he revives. His ult could be cruxifying people

I want to double dog dare a lemming to call another lemming a lib
Lowkey, we could almost add lib to the slur list

You know what? Screw the patriarchy, i'm glad i can feel pain
Literally just came in handy for reading a friend correctly ib4 i post something like 'screw being able to feel pain'

I haven't seen signal users fighting matrix users in a while. It's nice.
I still see xmpp users taking a wee on other users though *sigh*

Everything we don't like ,we say it's due to capitalism
Not literally everything is due to capitalism

A lot of normies text with like 0 'intimacy'
If I send a lemming a long reply, they often reply with a similar length reply. Normies often like 1 word answer reply in dm to like a paragraph. An interesting way to observe who the leets are.

Looking up a friend on my Facebook friend list is like Russian roulette - half the time they have deleted me as a friend
Specifically people I met a long time ago or people i haven't spoken to as much Overall Facebook's a very dramatic social media. The fact that people's faces r on it calms a bunch of people down. But still, lots of of toxicity in the DMs It's a pretty trashy social media that emphasizes the advantages of being antisocial

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