Researchers should not use race as a proxy for describing human genetic variation, report says
Race is a social concept, but it is often used in genomics and genetics research as a surrogate for describing human genetic differences. "This is misleading, inaccurate, and harmful", the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in the US say as they propose a new framework for scientists.

This exclusive interview with John A. Wheeler was made by Mirjana R. Gearhart of COSMIC SEARCH.
Scientist-philosopher, teacher-cosmologist, father of the Black Hole, Wheeler's thoughts encompass the entire cosmos from the Big Bang to the Big Crunch.

>When Wheeler first drew the “big U” when Wald was a student in the 1970s, Wald didn’t think much of it. “Wheeler’s idea struck me as not that solidly grounded,” he said. >And now? “A lot of the stuff he did was enthusiasm and some vague ideas which later turned out to be really on the mark,” Wald said, noting that Wheeler anticipated Hawking radiation long before the effect was calculated. >“He saw himself as holding out a lamp light to illuminate possible paths for other people to follow.”

The European Space Agency wants to give the moon its own time zone
> For now, a moon mission runs on the time of the country that is operating the spacecraft. European space officials said an internationally accepted lunar time zone would make it easier for everyone, especially as more countries and even private companies aim for the moon and NASA gets set to send astronauts there. H/T [](

"If you want an extra arm while you’re cooking in the kitchen so you can stir the soup while chopping the vegetables, you might have the option to wear and independently control an extra robotic arm,” says Tamar Makin, a researcher at Cambridge University.

He Jiankui plans to conduct research at the territory despite criminal record for ‘illegal medical practices’ in China. Hong Kong is trying to lure international professionals in an attempt to recover economically from the pandemic and the loss of academics after the national security law was introduced in 2020. The number of academic staff who left Hong Kong’s public universities in 2021-22 was 30% more than the previous year, and the highest since the handover of the territory to China in 1997.

Portable sensors and artificial intelligence are helping researchers decode animal communication—and begin to talk back to nonhumans

Engineers re-created one of Leonardo's experiments with a modern apparatus and found he produced a value for the gravitational constant, G, to around 97 percent accuracy. What makes this finding even more astonishing is that Leonardo achieved this without a means of accurate timekeeping and without the benefit of calculus, which Newton invented only around 150 years after Leonardo's death.

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