Any interesting thing I can do with a spent carbon air filter? It’s a plate sized, black, netty material, soft, no hard points.
cross-posted from: > I only found leave it lying around to absorb odor and like use it to fertilize soil or something is legit and imo cheaper than amazon
1 is legit and imo cheaper than amazon

Planting crab apple trees in abandon lots?
cross-posted from: > ppl would eat crab apples from trees. In retrospect, a lot of urban soil is excessively high in lead. But it's maybe possible to just plant some apple trees and they'll eventually provide some food security. > > Also would make those empty lots into more park like structures

Website listing all Empty Homes for squatting and other activism
cross-posted from: > I am about to create a Website Listing all empty homes, > In Australia 11% of homes are empty , a four bedroom brick veneer opposite where I live in Queensland, has been empty for 16 years the owner lives in Victoria the lawn gets mowed every two months, this would be a good place to squat, it will not be easy as most of our politicians collect rent. and they will pass legislation to ban listing empty homes. the Website should make the owners of the properties either sell or rent out , with so many houses on the market prices would drop . It would be great to get thousands of addresses, this should happen all over the World , WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS,

r/squatting - We advocate for squatter’s rights and believe everyone has a right to a roof over their head. Whether it's occupying land or vacant property for personal, communal or political reasons, this is the place to talk about it.

Infinite free food from Popeyes
1.) download Popeyes app 2.) make an account. Use a generic email it doesn’t ask for verification. 3.) after you make your account set location and go to the rewards section and redeem your drink/side/dessert 4.) rinse and repeat

It’s not worth repairing phones
Repaired my phone 6 months ago, then it broke again. Repaired it again yesterday, then it broke again next day, so they repaired it again today. Cost like 160g grand total, could have just bought another phone for that price

Why do landlords hire only douchebags to be their building caretaker?
cross-posted from: > My theory is they hire some guy to swear at you and give you eviction notices every time you try to force them to fix something to discourage you from trying to get anything fixed. > > Ive had 10ish landlords and 10/10 would yell and swear at tenants.

How does one fake a college degree?
Main problem is verification services like Apparently people can also just call the registrar’s office and verify student name, major, degree, and year awarded. If you are willing to pay around 500 dollars you will get degrees official transcripts and pretty much everything you need. But like i'm not sure if what to do with official transcripts, like during the interview just throwing them down on the table randomly would look sus.

Has anyone used steemit? Thoughts?
cross-posted from: > Looks like an mlm/pyramid scheme to me, but if it makes money i need money

Samsung budget phones suck
This isn’t even an iPhone vs. Android debate. This is specifically about Samsung. They have the worst “budget” phones on the market, they deteriorate the fastest of any of them. With each update the previous iterations of the galaxy line of phones get slower and slower until in two years they feel virtually useless. The battery management is horrendous, apps are allowed to eat battery for breakfast lunch and dinner. Including their own software apps. The Android skin is slow, clunky, and honestly ugly compared to stock android. If android is the route you want to go, Google pixel and one plus are much better options and will last you longer. Sorry about my rant. Happened with 2/2 budget Samsung phones.

Why do irl people try to discourage me from saving up for a down payment on an apartment?
cross-posted from: > They usually say something like owning an apartment is worse than renting an apartment and I should save up for a house because that's better. > > If you add up all the income I've made in my life, it's probably nowhere close to being enough to buy a house anywhere in my city. But some trashy apartment? I think I could afford that eventuallly. I only rent trashy apartments and the landlords don't fix anything worth a damn and I end up doing half of my own repairs - cuz at least that way it's done properly. it annoys me every time that I fix up some rich person's apartment, then I move, then fix up that rich person's apartment rinse and repeat. And it's annoying that the landlord tells me if I modify the room (ex repairs) that violates my lease and they'll evict me. > > But if I own it? At least I just fix it once. > > Irl people also say if i buy it, it could have like black mold. Like dude, my current place has black mold already. I think most of the irl ppl I know are pay check to pay check, but I don't use taxis or buy take out the way they do. > > (My bathroom door literally just fell of its hinges.)

Is it good idea to add rivets to clothes to create more airflow?
To help regulate sweat / body temperature. Should be more socially acceptable than me stripping in public

Any advice on diffusing arguments for conversations i’m not apart off?
I've noticed variations of 'calm down' don't work. Lots of ppl in arguments in the hood

Metamucil reduces the feeling of being hungry
Tried it yesterday and it works. Dont go overboard and give yourself bowel problems tho

If you put a window AC in the bathroom it helps a lot with the bathroom humidity
Not sure how. Mine doesn't vent outside in an obvious fashion. Leave it running while showering

Why shipping container homes are overrated
I'll still take one. My place is smaller than a shipping container any who.

You can probably still safely use rusty cooking ware
Haven't found an studies on it though. Just searched page 1 of google "is rust in diet harmful U.S. Environmental Protection Agency" "is rust in diet harmful" Most reliable link was not sure if fox is reliable (iirc fox's opinion pieces are unreliable) [Rust might increase bodily iron]( "Limitations of all pot types, except stainless steel, included heavier weight and rust formation. In addition, even though cast iron and blue steel pots were less expensive and leached greater quantities of iron, stainless steel pots were lighter, less likely to rust and presumably less likely to cause iron overload"

Saw one homeless woman curb stomping another homeless women
In the hood. The assailant let up after a minute and walked away. I see this pretty much like once per 3 months. I've only seen police involvement once

Howard Center for Investigative Journalism at the University of Maryland found that lottery retailers are disproportionately clustered in lower-income communities in nearly every state. The investigation's analysis of cellphone location data shows that the people who patronize those stores come from the same kinds of communities. Over the past two decades, state lotteries have nearly doubled in size, driving a multibillion-dollar wealth transfer from low-income U.S. communities to powerful multinational companies.

Anyone else feel like it takes 100% effort to only just survive?
Conservatives must watch a lot of anime. I've been wanting some anime lately, and I'd have to go mha plus ultra to actually be thriving. I f you haven't seen mha, is one of those anime things where the protagonist puts in more than 100% effort to defeat the bad guy. Conservatives be like, "I went plus ultra on my bootstraps"

It’s nice to watch media produced in hk. They have small apartments there too.
It gets sublimely discouraging to have the american dream of big house in the suburbs shoved in your face by every american media. In hk it looks like it costs them an arm and a leg for a small apt, which i totally feel

Buying a cheap phone guide.
**Primary goals is the cheapest smart phone possible that receives security updates.** Cheapest place seems to be in order: > 1. [aliexpress]( > 2. Ebay Walmart/best buy have refurbished/used/open box phones for pretty cheap but they're often old versions of android. Local used phone stores are pretty sketch, at least the ones i called. They also have many times fewer reviews making them harder to vet than like ebay. Amazon is not nearly as cheap as you'd hope. is basically another amazon. Aliexpression sometimes has customs fee that are not included in the price. It takes like 2 months for items to arrive. Ebay is somewhat similar, didn't specifically look into it as much. Best method is probably to have a burner phone/old phone and order from aliexpress. Some chinese companies seem to make pretty cheap phones: xiaomi, realme, redmi, alcatel. Lemmy users say nokia and motorola are cheaper than avg. Pixels are expensive but have ~6 yrs of software updates from google. Fairphones have some hipster potential since they're easier to repair so it might be possible to make one last like 6 years, but like a new one is like 1000$ Some advice on how to buy phones in general: there are too many options so it might feel overwhelming. But just keep on browsing through them and eventually you'll start remembering things like redmi 9 isn't good enough and redmi 4 is older than 9 so it's definitely not good enough. It's easiest just to pick a brand (ex redmi) and just browser through redmi listings, then switch to the next brand and compared listings. Haven't investigated iphone much # Cheap custom phone custom ROM guide: GrapheneOS is more like a middle class+ OS. Only works on expensive devices like pixels and not even old pixels. "lifetime of devices will remain based on manufacturer support." When Google stops updating it, graphene stops updating it. Source: LineageOS maintains support for old phones longer than the brand name manufacturers according to: (there's no "stable" / "recommend" release. Nightly are what everyone uses). Looks harder to do than graphene. A bunch of the installation guides require a windows computer. Not as compatible with google play as one would hope, which can affect even basics like google maps.

Before you buy an app make sure it compatible with your devices
Almost bought an app that wouldn't have been compatible with my device. Noticed a random review that said 'not compatible' and then i checked my compatibility. I'd reckon it's more of a problem if you got an old/weak device - which is all of mine lol.

cross-posted from: > Don't buy BLU phones

How to buy a cheap new phone?
All the guides I've seen are like "check out this budget phone for $350, it has five cameras" I only need one camera and it just has to be good enough to take pictures of documents while still being readable. Android 12 Like 16gb storage minimum. 2gb ram minimum. Most phones seem to be way over those specs knocking up price. A bunch that r more affordable don't go up to Android 12. I assume Android 12 is important so I don't get hacked when I'm trying to do banking on my phone on unsecured public Wi-Fi (which is where I do all my banking :( )

Cracked phone screen, if I put on a screen protector that’s too small for the whole phone, what impact will it have on the phone?
I'm planning to put on a screen protector, but it'll only cover the top half of my phone. 1. Will It keep the crack from spreading? 2. Will I noticed the difference in touch functionality in terms of top half vs bottom half?

keep all electronics of the floor to avoid flood dmg.
Depending how substandard the place you live in is. My neighbors flooded and dmged his router. Mine had a leak and i got luck. My router is sorta a problem because it specifically says do not cover, but i have to cover it with something to repel water but allow ventilation. Milk crate with the top covered by a corrugated plastic?

Carry a plastic water bottle with you. Lots of uses. Any other uses you can think of?
Aside from the obvious of drinking water. Put it close to your body for warmth or coldness. Can help regulate temperature off your bed. I'm talking the plastic one use bottles. Rip the labels off to decrease its weight. If you're walking to a place that has water that you can fill up at, jetson all the water you have and fill up there if weight is a concern. More cushiony then nothing. Increases buoyancy for swimming. Bottle deposit money. If your boss sucks and you need to pee (shout out to home boy Jeff Bezos) I've done all of these besides peeing.

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