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Part 2:

Welcome to spooky season ooo
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The new animated series The Snow of Hisui will be broadcast on May 18, 2022
Exactly two months ago in the live broadcast dedicated to Pokémon Day was announced the arrival of a new Pokémon animated series. 'Hisui's Snow' will be created by WIT STUDIO.

Leak: Game Boy and GBA games are in development on Nintendo Switch
> There has been much talk of the arrival of Game Boy and GameBoy Advance games on Nintendo Switch within the Nintendo Switch Online. In recent hours, however, has leaked a screen on the subject, Nintendo is currently developing and therefore testing the games and then add them in its console.

Pokémon Uranium - a fan-made Pokémon game
cross-posted from: > > Pokémon Uranium is a fan-made game created by \~JV\~ and InvoluntaryTwitch over the course of 9 years. It takes place in the completely new Tandor region and features over 150 originally made Pokémon as well as a new type, Nuclear. > > Download links can be obtained from their subreddit: >

Game has procedurally generated worlds with overworld sprited Pokemon. Ground pokemon can dig, fighting pokemon can bulid things and smash boulders, water pokemon can surf, etc. Think of it like minecraft+pokemon.

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