NixOS 22.11 released 🎉🎉🎉
cross-posted from: > **1652 contributors**, who authored **30371 commits** since the previous release. > > NixOS is already known as the **most up to date distribution** while also being the distribution with the **most packages**. > > This release saw **16678 new packages** and **14680 updated packages** in nixpkgs. We also **removed 2812 packages** in an effort to keep the package set maintainable and secure. In addition to packages the NixOS distribution also features modules and tests that make it what it is. This release brought **91 new modules and removed 20**. In that process we **added 1322 options and removed 487**.

FacilMap - OpenStreetMap Wiki
Noticed this when at the Libredirect settings. Making it possible to look up places like cinemas and post offices. FacilMap ( is a privacy-friendly, open-source versatile online map that combines different services based on OpenStreetMap and makes it easy to find places, plan routes and create custom maps full of markers, lines and routes. Features include: Different map styles for roads, topography, cycling, hiking, public transportation, water navigation, ... Search for places and show their information (website, opening hours, ...) Calculate routes and adjust them by dragging. An elevation profile can be shown. Smartphone-friendly interface. Create and share custom maps with markers, lines and routes on them. Open GPX/KML/OSM/GeoJSON files and save them on a custom map. Define custom styles of markers, lines and routes and generate a legend automatically. Define custom form fields for the details of markers, lines and routes. API to embed custom maps into a website and to modify them programmatically. Extensive documentation.

publication croisée depuis : > PeerTube is a decentralized and federated alternative to YouTube. The goal of PeerTube is not to replace YouTube but to offer a viable alternative using the strength of ActivityPub and WebTorrent protocols. > > Being built on ActivityPub means PeerTube is able to be part of a bigger social network, the [Fediverse]( (the Federated Universe). On the other hand, WebTorrents and related technologies help PeerTube to solve the issue of money, inbound with all streaming platform : With PeerTube, you don't need to have a lot of bandwidth available on your server to host a PeerTube platform because all users (which didn't disable the feature) watching a video on PeerTube will be able to share this same video to other viewers. > > If you are curious about PeerTube, I can't recommend you enough to check [the official website]( to learn more about the project. If after that you want to try tu use PeerTube as a content creator, you can try to find a platform available there to register or host yourself your own PeerTube platform on your own server. > > The development of PeerTube is actually sponsored by [Framasoft](, a french non-for-profit popular educational organization, a group of friends convinced that an emancipating digital world is possible, convinced that it will arise through actual actions on real world and online with and for you! > > Framasoft is also involved in the development of [Mobilizon](, a decentralized and federated alternative to Facebook Events. > > If you want to contribute to PeerTube, feel free to: > > * report bugs and give your feedback on [Github]( or on [our forums]( > * submit your brillant ideas on our [Feedback platform]( > * Help to translate the software, following [the contributing guide]( > * [Make a donation]( to help to pay bills inbound in the development of PeerTube.

Redox OS 0.8.0 - Redox - Your Next(Gen) OS
Overview We have a lot to show since the 0.7.0 release! This release, care has been taken to ensure real hardware is working, i686 support has been added, features like audio and preliminary multi-display support have been enabled, and the boot and install infrastructure has been simplified and made more robust. I highly recommend skimming through the changes listed below before jumping into the images, if you want more details.

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