Men's Liberation


Male gender stereotypes leading to me experiencing gender confusion
I'm (prob) a cis male. I was unsure about my gender. Male gender (where i live) is big on like liberatarian principles (ex toxic masculinity) and i don't have the same real aspirations of like being a big ceo and, working out a lot, hordes of hook ups etc. What also added to my confusion was, when talking to some people about the fact that i experience emotional pain and getting called a nicer versions of pussy. I think i'm cis male who doesnt have (some?) typical masculinity goals. Figure someone might be interested in this story.

Hot take: men don't know how to not be physically violent. Solutions?
Most men Based on things like [this]( it seems like domestic violence has always been quite common. Similarly, it's pretty much the usual for men (here in my country) to threaten to beat each other up. Even left men (lemmings) are often in favor of violence against rightwingers. what solutions are there? Especially that have been discussed in depth in like a simple to understand article? This is kind of similar to the "man problem" - what does/should it mean to be a man in modern times.

Is simp roughly the male equivalent of female dog?
cross-posted from: > the usage seems similar. More similar than ive ever seen, but maybe i missed a social trend? > > Bad example from streamers - dudes say "simp for me" and it sorta has the same vibes as "get on knees B"

we should stop wasting tax money and fine both Amber and Johnny Depp a bunch of money, donate that money to domestic violence causes and drop the case.
we should stop wasting tax money and fine both Amber and Johnny Depp a bunch of money, donate that money to domestic violence causes and drop the case. Should probably force them to attend some kind of "how to date" course so they don't repeat their behavior and don't get back into another bad relationship.

How do we get caucasian men to be on our side?
cross-posted from: > irl soooo many caucasian men I meet are rightwing. Other 'groups' (ex caucasian women) are sometimes rightwing, but by leaps and bounds most caucasian men I meet are rightwing. > > From what I gather, these rightwing caucasian men have stereotypical [white defensiveness]( and they frequently are anti poor people, anti feminism etc. > > I think, these guys feel excessively criticized and react by going right. It also doesn't help that rightwing groups (r/mensrights) are support groups where as leftwing groups (r/mensliberation) are basically academic/news talk groups. Rightwings group help these dudes feel validated. Lowkey, I think when they see like jeff bezos or trump being criticized, they take it as an attack on themselves. > > Is there a leftwing populist way to appeal to cis-hetero-caucasian men? > > Apologies for this post sounding discriminator, been trying to figure out how to word it for a hot minute.

How does someone be a man without getting into toxic masculinity?
All the cultural peaks for men seem like toxic masculinity or like trying to become the next elon musk

Men at the top of society enforce a system (patriarchy) that ends up repressing the average man. Ex

We’re like men’s right groups, but without the misogyny.

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